DHLFM Night + Gushcloud Weekends

Had my course's annual DHLFM night held on the school's town hall last Friday  The theme was VIVA LAS VEGAS but I decided to just clad myself in black and white like what I wore for the cruise dinner last year lol.

That day was totally hectic for me, waking up early for the usual classes, and then rushing back and forth between places so that everything goes well smoothly... it isn't easy!

But I managed to make it through :) Thankfully I drove that day heh.

And obviously I don't dress up like this that often, it wouldn't kill for me to take more pictures... right? :)

Pictures taken with my course mates heh

We had our own games segment and also the DHLFM pageant held for the students in DHLFM (duh).
Lucky draw prizes includes vouchers, ipod, and  whatever you see above!
Prizes for the pageant winners! A scepter for the gents and tiara for the ladies.

In between the event, I managed to make some time to rush to the gushcloud office for the monthly GC weekends! It was my first time there and I'm really happy to be there because I got to know a couple of really nice people from Barnett and GC!

The view was magnificent that day...

All the booze that I didn't get to drink as I was driving ): 

And a picture with Joanne peh!

I wanted to take a pictures with the rest of the people present there that day but i was awfully late for the dance segment of the DHLFM night. Luckily I managed to get back in time :)) Hopefully i'll be able to take photos with everybody during the next GC weekend!

As DHLFM night came to end, look who i found!!
hehe yes it's Michelle. My friends have been saying that we look like a couple. Do we do we?  

In case you're wondering... the plaster is to cover the giantic baluku I got while leaving GC office LOL. I forgot that there was a glass door and (as i was late) I ran right through the door....

Drove the princess home before heading down to bugis to pick shuu up for supper at Rocher Beancurd!

I think this place pretty much needs no introductory statement since it's singapore-wide famous

The food! I had youtiao, beancurd and soya milk for myself (yes i'm a pig and i eat a lot).

Since all the beancurd nowadays all tastes similar (you know, lao ban beancurd alike), I really do miss the old and traditional beancurd.

DIPDIP in the soya milk :D Making it less oiler. 
And after a long day of hard work. This is how I look. Shag to the max :) 

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