Furniture Shopping At IKEA Alexandra

Headed to IKEA (near queensway shopping centre) a couple days back with my parents.

IKEA Alexandra
317 Alexandra Road, 

Singapore 159965 

I realize that I'm very lazy to take pictures when I'm out for this couple of days but I had the camwhore fever recently so you can definitely expect more photos for the following few posts :p


The top is from Boy London's Union collection.
Accessories from EDEN, Thomas Sabo and Chrome Hearts.

Like I said, I had the camwhore fever so I'm presenting to you now, the flooood of photos. 

Had dinner with my parents, they didn't eat though and was watching me eat the whole time as they had dinner before meeting me -_-


Pasta with tomato sauce 

CHICKEN WINGS! In my personal opinion, IKEA has the best chicken wings in singapore. I don't understand why the meatballs sold at IKEA is so overrated but the chicken wings aren't. It's so crispy out the outside and really soft and succulent on the inside!

I don't know how long has it been since I've last had the cold water prawns but you must try this the next time you're at IKEA. I Solo-ed the whole thing >:)

And in case you're missing me, here's a couple more photos of me!

SOOOOOO, the purpose of heading down to IKEA in the first place, was to get a new bed for myself, shoe rack/cabinet for the living room and a new mirror for the bathroom. What annoyed me was my mum being the typical naggy mum when it comes to shopping.

Whenever I see something I like, she'll be like " NO, you can't get this because it's expensive/useless " . Whatever I like will be useless or expensive in her eyes and whatever she likes, isn't ):

So guess what we bought at the end of the day... -_- 
In the meantime, say hi to my dad and my gorgeous mummy first. 

Okay this was the part that made me laugh. 

After going through the different sections in IKEA, we didn't a see a bed, cabinet or mirror to our liking. Whatever else that I wanted to get was irrelevant and useless to her >_> 

So before we made an exit to the cashier, we JUST SO HAPPENED to enter the plants aisle. 

AND BEING THE PLANT LOVER MY MUM IS. She took 3 home for herself even though our house is already flooded with different pots and plants all over the place (and outside our house too).
My mum and her 3 pots of plants -.-
And as my dad was complaining about how this trip to ikea was irrelevant as we only got 3 plants to bring home. My mum bought 10 AA batteries and 2 pen holders just for the fun of it. HOW RELEVANT ARE THESE ITEMS HUH MUM, HOW RELEVANT AND USEFUL ARE THEY. Hahaa

But with no doubt, I still love my mum <3

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