Kimly Live Seafood + Furniture Shopping #2

Have been wanting to blog a couple of posts up before the end of January but time seems to be really tight on my hand this couple of days ): I'll be doing a Valentines shopping guide along with some DIY stuff for you to do for your loved ones, do wait for it okay?

ANYYYYWAYY, I went for dinner and furniture shopping again with le family again last monday on the 14/01/2013. 

Grown two gigantic pimples on my forehead... But what are pimples when you have filters to cover it with? :p 

Have been in a camwhore mood recently. I think that's a good thing.... at least you wouldn't be seeing wordy posts all the time from me, right? :) 
On the car :) 

 With Mummy!!!

 Hi it's me again with my :3 face

Had dinner at Kimly Live Seafood as it's just beside the furniture store we wanted to shop at! 

Kimly Live Seafood Pte. Ltd
Address: 18 Boon Lay Way, Singapore 609966
Tel: 66864665

It's my second time dining there and I think that the food there is really not bad! Kinda affordable in my opinion! The only flaw is mainly it's location as it's kinda ulu.

The dishes we had that day!!! Just looking at the pictures now makes me hungry T_T
Shark fin with Crab meat 
A staple dish we always have during family dinner - Shark fin!
 Some annoying crunchy salad fish. 
Why annoying? There was at least 5-6 bones per bite and I had to continuously take out the bones from my mouth when i'm eating it -_- I'd much prefer the Hock something fish, boneless yet tastes good at the same time!
 Scallops with Brocolli
A MUST HAVE WHENEVER I'M EATING ZICHAR! I love scalloppppps. So chewy and succulent. Why do they have to be so expensive T_T
 Fried baby sotong
Not one of my favorites as I find it really annoying to munch on. 

 Honey Glazed Pork Ribs
I personally find anything which is honey glazed yummy so this is not an exception.

 Drunken prawns
In my opinion, the worst drunken prawns I've ever had. The herbs are overwhelming and the prawns aren't fresh at all! 

We only spend $200+ for the meal ! Kinda cheap if you ask me!
STILL, the best (+affordable) seafood stall is still at Plaza Sentosa (JB). 

Some pictures taken with Feli, the Nicole (KARA) lookalike :D

From this angle, she really looks like nicole. HORH HORH!

And this was where we wanted to head to in the first place. DEFU furniture !
We bought our humongous sofa bed 2years back here at a super cheap price of only $1.6k. Since I didn't get to see anything nice nor affordable at IKEA, we came here that day! 
No photography is allowed -_- But I got myself a new bed, wardrobe and also a living room table for the folks. The total sums up to around ... $1.5k? Shall take pictures of em another day.

ANYWAYY, I've finally managed to make time to meet my friend (the graphic designers) to discuss plans on revamping my entire blog layout and also my other social media platforms. Its still ongoing and I hope that I can release it soon :p 

In the meantime, enjoy waiting LOL and I shall end this post with another photo of me :p

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