Love makes the world go round, or does it?

Q: Does love makes the world go round? Or is it actually just sex? Keep the answer to yourself, keep it in your heart. That will be the answer when you're in doubt of the exact same question in the future. 
- I'm going to say that this topic is rather NC16 so please do not read if you're below 16 as it's gonna contain some mature content - .

Settling down might seem like a good idea for people nowadays, but for some, it may not be as they're not ready for the commitment yet. You do not want to revert after making a major decision to settle down and start a relationship.

While my friends and I were drinking at the club last night, we just so happen to touch on the topic of settling down (in terms of love and relationship) as one of our mutual friends was gonna bring somebody home yesterday (if you get what i mean) and i was asking why they're doing it.

Another friend told me this " Why care if he/she's just going for the fun? As long as they're happy, why not? In any case there's no point in settling down nowadays as nobody's ready for it. It's better to just go with the flow, have fun and it's so much better than facing rejection after rejection, disappointment after disappointment. " (something along that line, i was high so i couldn't remember what he said exactly).

Then my friend started telling me about how he was seeing this girl for the past 5months and no matter how much he wants to settle down with her, the girl sort of like... refuse to do so? Claiming that she's not ready to be in a relationship and blabla.

So what do you do? How do you handle when you're faced with someone who tells you that they aren't ready? I happen to read up on this and whatever that's stated in the site is really meaningful and I suggest you guys to go check it out >

I'm going to be honest, there was a period of time last year towards the end of the year where I didn't want to bother about love or anything else and just be happy because of all the bullshit and drama that's involved. Somehow or somewhat, I slowly gained the confidence to love again and started looking for the " right " one again. 

But did that work out for me? It didn't

When I wasn't looking for love nor was I ready, I was bulletproof; when people started confessing to me, I'll just tell them straight that I'm not ready to settle down. I wasn't happy nor smiling when someone actually took a liking towards me neither did I feel sad because I realize that they confessed at the wrong time. It  was like I was literally immune to any emotions that were related to love. 

However when I start looking for love (like now, when I think I'm ready), I start reflecting about my past actions. I was thinking back... " What would happen if i was love-ready at that point when XXX confessed? What would it be like now? " and i started questioning myself if whatever I did in the past was the right thing to do and how the decisions I've made in the past affected me now. I feel really terrible. ugh.

Besides that, I feel as though I'm weak, like emotionally vulnerable when I start having a liking towards someone. I feel pathetic and I think of myself as annoying. Compared to what I was, when I was what they call " the guy who's just looking for fun ", the me who likes someone or is in love is like a whole different identity. One is strong, immune and bulletproof with nothing to stop him whereas the other was weak, emotionally vulnerable and pathetic. 

I started asking myself some questions, something like reflecting?  

" Why feel weak when I can choose not to even bother about this? " 

Maybe this is just part and parcel of being in love...

Anyway, I just wanna share this two songs which I've been repeating for the past week.

One person can’t be everything to you, and if you expect that, you are going to be miserable for a very long time.  " No matter how much I try to deny the fact that this isn't the truth. The harsh reality we're living in and this life we're talking about seems to prove otherwise.

In any case, what's important at the end of the day is to be able to ...
This photo was taken specially for someone.
 P/S: Frankly speaking, I do not think that i'm too young to even think about settling down simply because I've friends my age who're already happily settled down with their other halves. Some even married. Maybe they're just lucky. 


  1. Stay strong, love does comes usually when one least expects it or is not even looking (isn't perfect). There are some good girls out there even though it seems like some are too self-centered. Btw agreed still young don't stress too much about it. But I know how you feel, sometimes it can be hard seeing other people who have found their halves that are around ones age -.-
    But anyhow good luck [ ^ - ~ ]

    1. I agree with what you're saying and yeap, it's kinda hard seeing other people who have found their other halves. What's worst is when they don't deserve it (you know, the mean and bad people)

    2. Yay you agree with me(≧∇≦)LOL, but yeah it is so annoying when mean/evil people that don't deserve it or want it have it(≧-≦)grr.

  2. you can call me "M"...and I'm glad that you were able to reflect and manage to stay happy, not like me whose faking happiness. But it's great isn't it? to feel that you're loved. I never felt that and i envy you for being loved or liked by someone else, not just you but everyone i know all of them has their own, I just feel like I'm really left behind. I'm just tired reflecting things, i always end up reflecting again, and in the end it made me being tired of everything; loving, caring, having feelings I'm tired of all of this, that's why I fake my laughter and smiles so that they won't tell me I'm cold or boring. (sigh).. sorry for saying all of this stuff, I just can't be like you, a positive thinker... and I'm happy that even with the same thought you did not ended up just like me. keep up the good work and always stay strong! ^_^

    1. Stay positive and stay strong. When there's light, there'll always be darkness (your shadow). Learn to take the good with the bad. I'm here for you!