Now's Your Time! (SIT Open House 2013)

I attended the SIT (Singapore Institute of Technology) Open House held at *SCAPE last Saturday. 
In case you’re wondering, SIT stands for the Singapore Institute of Technology.
Established in 2009, SIT is an initiative of the Ministry of Education offering undergraduate degree programmes primarily for Polytechnic graduates. In partnership with various reputable overseas universities, SIT has brought to Singapore some of the world’s top industry-focused degree programmes targeted at growth sectors of the economy.

Through a unique tripartite collaboration with its overseas university partners and the five local Polytechnics, SIT represents a new model that is set to become a key pillar of university education. SIT adopts a distributed campus model to allow greater synergy and efficiency. Through this model, SIT’s degree programmes will be housed within an SIT building in each of the Polytechnics to cater to an annual intake of about 2000 full-time students by 2015.

SIT Open House was held at the 4th level of *SCAPE from the 19th January to 20th January.
Just look at the booths available that day!!!

The really nice girl giving out free redbull! :D

Look who I spotted! Familiar faces from 98.7fm

As you can see, I’ve already grabbed a goodie bag along with the SIT brochures!! There were so many degree programmes available in SIT so I had to grab a piece of every brochure to ensure that I do not miss out on anything. Who knows, I may be in SIT in future, right? 

With Jeremy and the 98.7fm DJs’

After taking a couple of pictures, I went around and mingled and realised that lecturers and professors from the respective universities were actually there to provide us with more information!
 Ever thought of being a chef? Why not pursue your education with The Culinary Institute of America? I actually did some research and asked the people present that day – With The Culinary institute of America, you will be taught everything F&B related, from research, development to how to cook (duh) and even have an opportunity to learn multiple languages like French!

Other colleges available like the Trinity College Dublin! You can pursue degree programmes such as Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy there!

Look at the amazing crowd that day!
There were also talks from the respective overseas universities to provide students who are interested in furthering their studies with more information.
One of the schools that caught my eyes was this! The Glasgow school of Art!
All these postcards were actually done by the students of SIT. Personally I think that they’re kinda ‘deep’ and sentimental in a way, if you know what I mean.

The second most interesting booth that caught my eyes was The DigiPen Institute of Technology! This is the booth promoting their game design degree programmes. The games shown are actually done by the students themselves. They looked really fun and sale-worthy! Like the ones you would expect of SquareEnix, no joke!

Bringing Art to life with just their ‘digipen’! They’re really beautiful aren't they!

Spotted this TV near the booth and it actually showed how the students rendered their art pieces. Initially I thought this was just another pre-recorded video clip but as I continued walking…

I saw the person who was doing the rendering LIVE! YES. AMAZING ISN’T IT! I’m really amazed by her work. Too bad I’m really bad in art, otherwise I would join the DigiPen Institute of Technology haha. Maybe in another life when I’m much more talented artistically. :p

And presenting to you, the bloggers who were present that day! Boythunder, Szes, Eunice and Jeremy !

In overall, I was amazed by the number of degree programmes made available for the students! I really learnt a lot about SIT and their programmes.

In case you’re wondering why you should choose SIT:

SIT was established by the Ministry of Education in 2009, SIT provides an industry-focused education that will give you a head start on your career path. Their degree programmes are specially tailored and targeted at growth sectors of the economy. In addition, SIT has strong links with industry leaders which means that you’ll be supported through scholarships, bursaries and work attachments.

With SIT and as a diploma holder, we will be able to graduate with a campus-blind degree – the exact same degree as our home campus counterparts and the pros? Most of us will be able to do so within 2 years!

You will also be able to achieve international recognition locally through SIT – You won’t need to bear the cost of relocating aboard to further your studies because all Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents are eligible for SIT’s subsidized tuition fees through the MOE tuition grant. At the same time, you will still have a taste of life overseas as you will spend three to twelve weeks (depending on your course/programme) at the home campus of your overseas university as part of our Overseas Immersion Programme (OIP)

What are the universities involved and degree programmes available?

I won’t mention them all but here is one of them!

Newcastle University – Thinking of having a Bachelor Degree with Honours for Engineering or Food and Human Nutrition? Newcastle University would be your choice! They offer programmes like the bachelor of engineering with honours in chemical engineering, electrical power engineering, marine engineering and such.

Let’s just say you’re interested in chemical engineering. Through SIT, you would be able to develop a career in the world of commerce, making use of your knowledge to predict chemical market trends and to perform financial audits on production sites. As the face of chemical and process engineering are constantly evolving and the career paths are varied and varied, this means that you can have different jobs ranging from research and technology, production, sales and management in the future!

Other overseas universities like the Newcastle University, Technical University Munich, University of Glasgow, Trinity College Dublin, The University of Manchester, Glasgow School of Art, Digipen Institute of Technology, Wheelock college, The Culinary Institute of America, University of Nevada, Las Vegas are also included!

Just wanna show you guys what I brought home from the Open House that day. I hope some of you managed to check it out last Saturday-Sunday as well!
Otherwise, do look up or their facebook page  for more information!
Now’s your time! Grab this opportunity now with SIT! The admissions period for SIT’s programme will open on 1 Feb 2013. Application can be made online via SIT Application Portal

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