January T-Superpost

This would be generally be like the outcast of my January photos and posts because they're all so random to the point that it wouldn't entitle them to a full proper post. HAHA POOR PHOTOS *point point*

Then again, they're just some of the stuff I've been doing throughout the month.

And sooo, school reopened during January. Still boring as heck. 
Poor michelle was cold that day so being the gentleman I am (flick hair LOL), I lent her my jacket :)
Some irrelevant photos I took before driving my classmates out for lunch.

Act one swag. HAHAHA 

I feel like an emo while waiting for the girls LOLOL.
and I also received my test papers back :D 

Took this photo to post up on instagram :) 
Remember feli from my Kimly Live Seafood post? Well being the sweetheart she is, she has been cooking supper for my family and I every Sunday whenever the maid's out for her off days. She is a much better cook as compared to my maid lor!

And I started gymming again a week back. In case you didn't know, I stopped gymming since november 2012 due to some health problems sooo yup! Going back to the gym was killer because I had to go back to square 1 - Doing light weights and more reps because my muscles are all gone.

The good thing is, I've been gymming at least 4 times a week since last week so it's all coming back heh.
Loving how empty the gym is during my morning workouts. Spot the lady doing her squats hahaha.

And this is my OOTD for one of my school days. YES that is the actual colour of my hair right now and I've no idea why it only shows itself when I use the sweet filter of Cam360.
Lightning bolt earrings :) 
And it returns to blue (my hair) when I use the normal filter.
My cap has my name on it :) Custom made too!

and this was taken like .... 2 days back when I just reached home from school.

Taken last friday when I had dinner at Raffles with a friend and had a mahjong session afterwards. 

AND sharing my new obsession with you guys - MODERN FAMILY.

You guys must watch this show!
Do whatever you need to do, download/buy/borrow it, I DON'T CARE!
It's like the show is part of my life now and I love gloriaaaaa. 

OHHH! Not forgetting that I've been clubbing much lesser this month which I'm kinda proud of. Lesser alchohol = Healthy Liver = Healthier me :) 

Only went twice this entire month! Sooo yup, here are the pictures. 
Was pretty much lazy when it comes to asking others to camwhore with me so I only ended up taking photos with those around me. 

This was last saturday! Headed down to club for a friend's 21st birthday. Wore a tanktop out as I didn't want to sweat >_> (actually I'm also having some serious trouble trying to match my hair colour to my clothes ): )

And that marks the end of the random things I've been doing during the month of January :) Hope you guys have been enjoying my regular updates recently. Hopefully there'll be more to come for the month of Feb! 

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