TTKYT #1: Reasons why people cheat in a relationship

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I recently got the idea of doing this after coming up with the WTE /Where to eat series and since I've been writing something along this line for quite some time, I decided to just make this into a label!

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We all know that cheating is bad, but why do people still do it? Based on a poll hosted in a  forum. Here are the top reasons as to why people cheat  in their relationship.

#1 Blame it on the jeans? Nope, GENES!

When people face troubles in their relationship, cheating can be seen as an easy alternative to the burden of a breakup or the agony of a divorce for some people. They see it as a quick fix to the problem .  Some people cheat because they think that it's their/or their family's integrity. Their parents may encourage them to cheat or they picked it up from their parents. As for the others, some have an insatiable appetite for sex and only view the idea of being faithful as an " option ".

My opinion: The people who cheat just because they view this as a way out are nothing but cowards. Isn't the purpose of being together, to go through the obstacles together and share your happiness? It's really selfish for them, to only be willing to have happy times together ahead but not the problems. Putting the blame on your family is another bullshit excuse and if you've an insatiable appetite for sex, just stay single and hook up.

#2 Your partner doesn't put out

Apparently to many, long-term relationships seems to suck the sex drive out of many people, leaving their partner gasping for fulfillment. With the need for more sex, they end up cheating. Another possibility is that the sex between the two has became boring (maybe because the other party was unwilling to try know... new stuff LOL) and thus people to cheat to take care of this problem.

The thing about long-term relationships is that that is an annoying habit of making people lazy. Those who once paid attention and concern into looking good, staying fit and attractive for the other half may just lose the allure all together. As a result, they cheat simply because they do not find the other party attractive anymore (which explains why most mistress/mistresses are always good looking + young)

My opinion: I think the problem here is about the chemistry between the two and also communication. Other than that, you'll need to continuously improve yourself as a person.

#3 They view it as a challenge

Some people think that cheating itself is a challenge and that it is exciting. They consider the people they sleep with as " sexual trophies ". Some people cannot leave behind the thrill of the hunt, the chase and the conquest and the things they did to get the other party. For others, it's an excitement, just like how they change clothes or their favorite ice cream flavors.

My opinion: I find such people sick for finding such things a joy in life. Please use some time to find some other form of guilty pleasure in your lives instead.

#4 The revenge game

This is what I call the revenge game and there's 2 different ways people go about getting revenge

One - When some people find outs that their partner was being unfaithful. They think that the only way they can relieve your their is by doing the same. For many, they see it as the only way to get back at their cheating boyfriends/girlsfriends and that this will settle the score.

Two- These people might even cheat to get back at the entire society. So whoever they date, unless you've the ability to change them... the bad luck's gonna be on you.

My opinion: No comments

#5 Nagging

They cheat because they're experiencing a partner who thrives on making them feel like crap. NAG and nag and nag and endless nags along with fighting/squabbling equals? HEADACHE. This is one of the most common reasons why people cheat, they want to escape from this domestic hell and most of the time, they think it works.

My opinion: PERSONALLY, I CAN'T STAND NAGS SO I WILL DEFINITELY FIND SOMEONE WHO DOESN'T NAGS ALL DAY!! LOL. Other than that, it's all about the communication between both parties.

#6 Cheating boosts their EGO. 
omgwtfbbqisjdasdahahahah candice swanepoel *_*

OKAY back to the topic. This is where the third party comes in. Nothing lifts a person's self-esteem like discovering that other people still desire you sexually. When in a long term relationship, some may start questioning their sexual marketability, which lead some of them to start experimenting... if you know what i mean. Once they find out that they can get back into the game, they MAY return to their partners... or not.

My opinion: Omgwtfbbqisadidhsadhashdsahduahdu candice swanepoel *_* She's my favourite victoria's secret angel ever since I watched this year's victoria's secret fashion show. LOLOL, for the cheating partners, shame on you for cheating just to feel egoistic over such issues.


#7: You simply don't love them anymore!

After a long time together, the cheating party has lost the feelings they once had for that person. However, the relationship and bond that the both built up together has remained a part of their lives whereby separation seems too painful, radical and inconceivable. As a result, instead of separating, the cheating party go elsewhere to please their physical gratification.

My opinion: Personally I think that this does not even help matters but only helps prolonging the inevitable breakup.

Lastly before I come to an end to this topic, I would like to say that cheating is no joking matter. If you're cheating on your girlfriend,wife,husband or boyfriend, it might be that you're unhappy in the relationship or that you simply have too much issues to address. Look out of the box,  look from a third party's view, look at the big picture? Don't you realize something?

Your unfaithfulness is a symptom of an even bigger problem.

Yes, it may sound good, it may sound like a quick escape from your problems. However in the end it's nothing but superficial. Like an anesthetic or panadol, it is not a long term solution.

A perfect example of how cheating has became a hot topic in social media is the recent traingle between Alvin, Yuki and Zoe raymond ( STAY STRONG YUKI!! Visit her page or read more at ).

The next time you cheat, simply think about how you would feel (the pain and agony) if someone you love were to do the same to you.


  1. Tyler is faithful guy :D

  2. this post it's just amazing! I can't believe how mature and focused you are! This may sound sexist,but I lost my hope in boys. I mean, I thought they will never understand us (girls). But this post has shown me a little light! I'll be waiting for the next chapter of things that keep you thinking (: