XMAS 2012

First off, Happy 2013 everybody! I hope that you guys enjoyed your holidays as much as I did. 

I celebrated my Xmas eve at my friend, monchao's place for a evening of potluck, mahjong and twister :)

The secret santa present i prepared that night. I suck at wrapping presents especially when they're of an irregular shape. Saw this decent looking paper bag at only $3 so i bought it immediately and tossed all the gifts inside X)

I didn't really bother about how I looked that day because i was too lazy (actually it's mainly because of my hair, I only had it cut after xmas so it's really hard to maintain and style my "long" hair without any volume).
Group photo of the full assembly :) 

After having dinner, we had the secret santa. Basically we're all given a piece of paper with the names of our " santa ". I received rachel's gift this year! :)

 While preparing in mon's room for the rest.


The gifts together with the pieces of paper

While the rest heads down to have a smoke, I stayed in the room and started camwhoring :p
My hair's like a train wreck T_T 
& Here's me with my gift !

 The mess we made that day x) 

After the secret santa, we played TWISTER!


The pictures from now on are mostly candid =\ 

Luckily I was isolated at one corner during the game while the rest were squeezing and bending here and there because the opposing team didn't " attack me " :)

Rachell's losing her grip!!!
Is she gonna fall? 

 I'm still isolated hehe.
The main difficuly i had was to lift my left leg up in the air 
 The reindeer decided to disturb his partner :p 

 After what seems like forever...


Since i already had my left leg in the air, I spun the wheel and got the " right leg in the air " circle. It's kinda obvious I can't possibly do a handstand on the bingo mat, right? Hahaha.

SOOOO i had to do the penalty.. which is to drink!
 I was driving that day so I didn't really drink much. 

Continuing the game was KC vs ALOYSIUS

Guess who won?

It's the person who's drinking off the can! :\
Yes, TEAM KC/TYLER lost. But who cares who wins or loses. What matters is that we had fun :D 
 Our xmas cake :)

 Counting down to christmas and cutting the cake together ;) It was so full of fun!
 My slice of the cake! Nomnomnom

After midnight, the girls went ahead and went home first while the guys starts with the mahjong spree.

I won $80 that day :) Drove casper home after the game.

And THAT concludes the end of this xmas post! I hope you guys enjoyed yourselves during christmas too~ I'll be posting up my new year post and more once I've the time.

And here's 2 pictures of a recent photoshoot I had.

 YES YES YES, I know I need to go back to the gym and bulk up again. 
I'll do so starting from... tomorrow? Provided my fever goes away :) 


  1. you look like 2PM's taecyeon on that photo when you are drinking! :D

  2. Hahaha!! The photo with a derp face is funny XD

  3. lol why would anyone be naked while carrying a backpack?

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  5. How much does that bag cost ? You brought in SG Ariport?