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Pubbing with Rainbow

Went pubbing with my dearest rainbow on the 16/02. It was a definitely a breather for me as I was struggling with my exams and many other problems during that period of time. I do not recommending drinking as a method of relieving stress but sometimes it really helps you to unwind and also loosens yourself!
Pubbing itself brings backs memories 2009 when I first started pubbing and it's also how I got to know rainbow (called noona&co back then)!! So it's like a 4year anniversary thing for us to drink on that day :) 

We settled down with one of the pubs because most of the pubs were either too crowded or too expensive.

Joey, summer, clement, lionel, amelia, wilson (the one with a mic)

My eye area and ears always turn reddish pink whenvever I start drinking :x

OH and the pub is definitely not this bright lol. It looks bright in the photos because I set the low lighting features of my casio ex-zr1000 to the maximum. GOOD RIGHT!

Thanks for blocking my face lionel!
Played a couple of drinking games and I also taught them some of the new ones I've learnt through partying x)  A couple of moments later, they were all high.

Look at them having fun x)

Ohya the pub we choose also had a KBOX console (a must have while you're pubbing) and also a pool table :p It's located a boat quey, along the row of buildings near mac donalds.
Summer trying to start a scandal by hugging me as though I'm her long lost lover :p

But scandal or not, I still love her :)
and also clement!
The pub closed at 4 so we had to find someplace else to chill. A couple of us were hungry so we went to the nearest cafe to have our supper.

And there's me, having a terrible headache after drinking.
BUT WHAT'S A HEADACHE GONNA DO TO ME HUH. Nothing ;) It was around this time where wilson started spamming the candid photos with my camera *_* 200+ photos in total LOL. Had a hard time filtering out the ugly/blur ones.
My ears that are forever red whenever I drink or when I'm shy :p
Summer wanted to take another scandalous photo with me and suggested for us to pretend as though we're kissing. It failed though, cause she started laughing. LOOK AT ME LOOKING SO DETERMINED HAHA.
One funny candid photo of me before the food we ordered arrive. 
Had the usual shark fin with crab meat vermicelli. Well, it was supposed to be vermicelli but I didn't know how we ended up with this yellow noodle.
and the candid photo session resumes. CAN'T A GUY EAT IN PEACE HUH HUH HUH
A decent group photo with everybody sober! With the exception of clement who's too busy texting -_- 
<3 for the all of you !!!
And a special one for... " you " *wink*
And i'm gonna end this post abruptly with a photo of me, looking like a total retard x)

FINALLY, It's my holidays! Which hopefully means i'll be updating this space more regularly. Lookout for my next post cause I'm gonna teach you guys how to earn $$ by using your twitter/facebook!!!