Chinese New Year 2013

I'm back to update this space! Sorry for the lack of updates ever since CNY started, I've been really really busy with my examinations, CNY sprees and also trying my best to survive.

A whole lot of stuff has been happening around me recently. Well, it's not all bad as there's also the good in it. It's just that the bad parts was sooo bad that I almost felt like I was going through depression until recently where I finally managed to get out of the pathetic pithole I'm in (thanks to jessica and a couple of others).

In any case, I'll leave the more personal updates for another time ;)

I hope you guys enjoyed your CNY! Receiving lotsa angpaos and eating a whole lot of food :p

Chinese New Year - 除夕

Every year during 除夕, my relatives from my father's side will come to my place to have our usual reunion dinner. This year was kinda different as two of my aunt's family didn't came. So it's much quieter and empty. Didn't had much of the chinese new year mood but luckily I wasn't pretty much affected by it as I had S accompany me via texting hah.
 OOTD for the reunion dinner!
 Le hardworking maid preparing all the food and ingredients for the reunion dinner. 
 It's time for reunion dinner! :D 

This is some prosperity salad or something if I remember correctly. Every ingredient represent every aspect of our lives. Love, fortune, health, luck etc etc. The good thing is that I like to munch on all the stuff available there soo i guess I'm pretty much blessed for the year? :\ ... Okay maybe not LOL.

 Finally it's my family's turn! 
 I believe i'm not the only one who will BBQ the scallops cause it's soooo chewy and yummy after adding some margarine to it. I think S's the only one who finds it unappetizing haha.
Unlucky for bro, his birthday lands on 除夕 this year (09/02) and it means that he'll have lesser red packets :\ STILL, I LOVE YOU BRO HAHAHA. Hope you liked the bracelet i gave you :) Happy 25th Birthday!

 Chinese New Year - Chu Yi !

OOTD for the new year! 

As I just got my tripod recently together with my new casio ex-zr1000, I suggested taking family photos to my parents so that we can keep the photos as a memory keepsake for the future.
 Le maid volunteered as model for the first test shot.
Test shot 2 with my bro in it.
 and then comes the chao ah bengs and my mum x)
 The first photo we took ended up like shit LOL. The only person who looks good in it is my mum.
 And finally some decent ones :) With felicia included!

Mum then told me to fix the tripod so that we can take standstill photos instead.
Test shot #1 with feli and bro. 
 Test shot #2 

And in case you can't imagine how I feel being the tallest, here's my favourite meme to express how i feel. LOL

Final preparations before taking off. As usual, our family is always LATE! Was supposed to leave the house at 11 but we only left the house at 12.30pm that day.
 And I took an extra effort to camwhore as much as possible that day for you guys :p
 With felicia <3333 She's like an elder sister to me now, always taking care of me and such. Even when I'm sick, she cooked for me lo! Where to find people like her nowadays.
 Took my parents car as my bro was dilly dallying. More camwhore shots.

And we arrived at my grandmother's sister's place. Hung around there for awhile before heading to my grandmother's (father) side.
 My bro's striking hair. We were called the equally loud brothers this year LOL.
 A lot of precious pictures at my granny's place x)
 And the usual yearly routine for me and my bro to take a nap at our granny's place before heading off to our mother's side of the family. Pic taken by my maid LOL.

Every year at my mother's side, we experience the same thing > the entrance of le grandmother's place flooded with endless amount of shoes and heels lol. Impressed? Hahaha

Taken with the cousins.
The amount of shoes and heels present do not lie. LOL, just look at the crowd. 

& It's back to me and my cousins again :D
 Le loving dad and mum. 
 I just realize one thing, even though I'm a blogger and I always take endless amount of camwhore photos whenever I'm in the mood, my mum's always not there. Luckily she was present that day and I managed to grab a couple of shots with her <3

One last picture taken with feli and my bro before I left the place for a mahjong session with my friends before partying.

It was a rather impromptu decision for me to party that night as the only thing that motivated me to turn up that day was to see a certain special someone and I'm really glad I did :') One of the most memorable days I've ever had ever since I got to know that person.
And I need to remind myself not to take photos whenever I'm partying because I always look like SHIT. LOL

Ending this photo with a picture of my loves ;)

Hope you guys enjoyed your CNY as much as I did. I'll be blogging regularly again after my exams end. Do keep coming back k!

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