Menya Musashi (麺屋武蔵) at The Star Vista

I should receive an award for blogging today because I've an exam tomorrow at 3pm. YES, an exam paper just before CNY begins and it continues from Valentines onward. Thank you SP, I'm so grateful.

Anyway, my friend got me this beanie which is something similar to the previous pikachu beanie I had. If you guys watch fairy tail, he's definitely not an unfamiliar face :) 

Starting off with a test shot. 
And a candid shot taken by accident while I'm playing with the lighting. 
But the main purpose of these photos is to actually find the perfect lighting to show you guys my current hair colour. Remember that I've been complaining previously about how my hair turns blue no matter what setting I put it to? Well, I found out that if I take the pictures with a much darker lighting, the true nature of my hair colour will show!

SOOOO Presenting to you *drum rolls*

My actual hair colour all this while!!!!!
What do you think? It no longer looks blue already right!!
And now it looks blue again thanks to the lighting. 

CNY is reaching and if you're looking for a place to do your hair up, look no further and head down to Salon Vim (Bugis/313). They're not having any additional CNY charges and on top of that, quote my name for 10% off :)   Call 68370073 to make an appointment now!!

I met the lawyer last friday at The Star Vista for dinner. He was having a craving for noodles so he recommended Menya Musashi 麵屋武藏

In menya musashi, you can choose from 3 soup base for your noodles. White would be pork bone soup, Black would be garlic and Red is hot chilli !

 Gerald's Black Cha Shu Ramen - $12.90
 And my White Iso Seafood Ramen - $14.90
 Initially I was expecting the soup to taste like the pork bone soup available at Paradise Dynasty but I was disappointed as it tasted nothing like that. Not only that, the soup itself was too gao (overwhelming&thick) and not very pleasant.
 The noodles, on the other hand was very QQ and soft!
Despite the nasty broth, I managed to finish my bowl!

In overall, I find that the food itself was not that nice and the place was too small. I wouldn't really recommend it to you guys but you can still try if you're a big fan of the original menya musashi.
1 Vista Green Exchange#B1-08, The Star VistaSingapore 138617Tel: 6694 2515 
Operating Hours (Daily):11:30am – 10:00pm
We headed down to Holland Village to have ice cream afterwards and we decided to have Haagandaz!

I know this is gonna sound damn suaku but this was my first time heading down to HV after 6pm and I was wow-ed by the night life there. It's like a western-singapore clarke quay but with more angmohs and foreigners. 

Had the Love in Belgium for $19.00 as I was having a craving for lava cake. I bet you guys are jealous because even after eating so much, I'm still so skinny -_-
 The serving itself was kinda disappointing as they didn't give us the usual full scoop of ice cream they were supposed to. However, the lava cake didn't disappoint :)
 One thing I didn't like about the Lava cake though, is that the melted chocolate did not flow out of the cake when you poke it. It's not that I'm being anal about this but a lava cold isn't a lava cake if there's nothing flowing out... right?

21 Lorong Mambong
Tel: 64689474

After everything, I had a mini road trip with the lawyer before picking up my parents. Ahhh tiring day.