Outing with Rainbow at Astons Specialities (The Cathay)

Finally managed to meet up with noona&co last saturday at Astons. It's been a long time since I've last spent time with them. I was supposed to spend my later half of the NYE at Aloha Loyang with them but I missed it thanks to someone. I've been spending my NYE celebration with them for the past 4 years and words couldn't express how upset I was during NYE, to the point that I cried LOL.

But moving on, I'm really glad that I was able to meet them last saturday, gonna meet them again this week for CNY :)
So yeah! We had Astons for 13 at The Cathay 

Astons Specialities (The Cathay)

2 Handy Road
#04-03 The Cathay
Tel: 68875889
 We renamed the group from noona&co to Rainbow due to our multi-coloured hair LOL. Amelia had pink, summer had orange, joey had blonde & pink, amanda had red. Lervon, who just joined the group had ash purple, I had purple, kevin brown, leonard (who dyed blue+green the next day) and clement who dyed turquoise the following day.

Will be taking a photo again this weekend of our multi coloured hair LOL.
But yeah, I really do miss these guys, their laughter was always the noisiest in public and apparently stands out the most too heh.
 It's been forever since I last saw them so a couple more photos wouldn't kill, right? :)
 Desmond, his friend, joanne and his fiance joined us afterwards. FINALLY IT'S DINNER TIME!!!
 I ordered the chicken with lemon and lime with potato salad and cheese mac for my side dish. The serving was just right (probably because I choose the potato salad as potatoes are naturally filling by itself).
 I think astons is one of those restaurants where you can actually eat untill you're full without even paying over $10. The meal itself costed $8, SO CHEAP RIGHT!!
While the guys were busy catching up, the artistic side of me started doodling around with the leftover sauce LOL. 
 What's a gathering without a group photo :) 
The effects of a flip screen camera, eyes all over the place X)

Anyway guys, i'll be updating my Valentines shopping guide + Triple heart origami tutorial tomorrow ;) So do keep coming back!

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