1/4 of March

I'm actually blogging up two posts now but I think that it would be appropriate for me to post this up first so that it will fit my blog-timeline ;) For your information, I've been taking pictures more regularly this month so that I can blog more often as promised, soooo yup... Hope you guys don't get sick of my face! 

 I met up with standley for a late night supper session near bukit panjang that night.
Spotted these really adorable bunnies while we were on the way to the coffee shop located just behind bukit panjang plaza. They reminded me of the chinese fairytail whereby the two star cross lovers can only meet after xx years and when they finally do, they meet up on a bridge or something. WHAT'S THAT FAIRYTAIL CALLED LOL!? But yeah, both bunnies were trying their best to climb up that thing and when they reached the top, they started licking one another. ADORABLE MAX

And here's the food we had, doesn't really look very nice :x But it tasted good though!

As I was still feeling hungry even after having a huge bowl of winter melon soup + rice (and also subway melt an hour back), we headed back to bukit panjang for ice creaaaam.
 Vanilla waffle :D
 Wore the same top and headed over to DRX the next day :)

I'm not sure if you guys have realized it but i've actually put on weight and it's already showing on my cheeks!!! I CAN HAS CHUBBY CHEEKS and it's not necessarily a bad thing as my parents/friends has been telling me that I look better so far *_*

I think it's a good thing that I've been putting on weight because I've been trying to bulk up recently. As you guys know, I've started gymming again recently but since it's the holidays now, I wanna gym more often (5times a week) and get the body I want! . Obviously on different body parts each day to prevent any damage to my body systems haha! And here's the progress after gymming and eating like a pig for the past week  :) 
+2kg. Will try and blog about my gym routine if you guys are interested!

Did some catching up with eleanor on the 06/03 along with a dinner/shopping session ;)
 In the above picture, you can clearly see that i've gotten fatter lol.
I'm a pig, oink. 

Had dinner at A.venue Bistro (8 Grange Road, #03-06A/B Cathay Cineleisure Orchad, Tel: +65332270) as I had craving for their baby clam pomodoro again *_*

They served the ice water for free when I came last week but this time, it costed me $2.50 -_- Maybe they had a change of policy or something but seriously.... $2.50 for a bottle of mineral water is overpriced.

The only picture of eleanor without her face. Act one shy only lol.

Her penne cabonara. I think that the one at canele is much nicer!!! Will be there to dine with her next week :)
My baby clam pomodoro *_*
Walked around and did some shopping with her afterwards :) Spotted a couple of familiar faces (like pamela, who said that I look better in person :p)

And finally, here are some photos taken with the act shy (but actually not shy) girl.
 Still lovable la k, love you hahaha
 A blur picture of us, which I think would have been a nicer if it wasn't blur -_-

ANNNNNND BEFORE I END THIS POST. I want to give a shout out to this pretty chindian.
Jessica, thank you so much for everything so far :) Thank you for being my listening ear whenever I'm feeling down and giving me advice whenever I feel lost. When I was going through one of the lowest periods of my life last month, she was only one there encouraging and telling me not to give up. Others have been telling me to give up and not hurt myself over some issues but she's the only one who insists that I should press on and fight for what I want. For that, i'm really really grateful to have you.


Before writing this, I told her that I'd be doing a shoutout for her and wanted to post an unglam photo of her ...but here was her response LOL.

And to share some of the funny stuff we talk about ...even at the weirdest hours. 

Thank you for being there for me ;')


  1. Tyler, can u wish me happy birthday in an e-mail message? It would do my day :)
    (E-mail: jasse_lady@hotmail.se)
    Thank you :
    -Jasmine ^^

  2. Didn't you colour your hair purple?
    -jasmine :)

  3. oppa wish me happy bday too puhleasssseeeee