Bucketlist 2013 x White Day

Ahhh time flies and we're already at the quarter of the year... How have you guys been? I realize that I've been talking to you guys lesser every now and then on my social media platforms/blog and I apologize for that. Thinking about it, it's been a rather long time since I've written something really really good (the last I remember was this > http://www.tylerhikaru.com/2013/01/ttkyt-1-reasons-why-people-cheat-in.html )

As we reach the end of 1/4 of the year, I wanna ask you guys something before I continue

How much have you achieved? Be it work, love, monetary aspects and such? 

I've started making a bucket list since the start of the year. It helps me to keep track of what I want and also ensures that i do not lose sight of it. I think it's a pretty good way for you to manage your goals and ideals :p

I'm proud to say that I've cleared almost 1/4 of the things listed in the list so far :) Here are some of my examples which I've cleared, PLEASE DON'T JUDGE ME BECAUSE OF THE FIRST FEW EXAMPLES LOL.

x Have a romantic night out which someone I like
x Holding hands as I drive with someone I like 
x A stroll at the beach
x Doing funny things in the car with someone I like
x Sleepover, cuddles etc etc with someone I like. 
x Graduate from 2nd year 
x Be friends with the Gushcloud family
x Gymming regularly and have my ideal body (HALFWAY THERE)
x Update my blog more regularly and revive my youtube channel

Well there's a lot more I've yet to achieve like a breakthrough and such but I shan't list them all down. But you get what I mean right?

I just hope that each and everyone of you who're reading my blog do something that is actually productive in your life! Start improving and never stop :)
MOVING ON!!! I went for the ulzzang style during white day.
(If you wanna see more pics of this look, keep on reading heh)

This is my OOTD for that day :)

I went to bugis to get some stuff that I need and also to catch up with a friend who I've not met for ages. Apparently he was being an emo nemo so I thought it would be good if I offered my ears :x
Really cute Fix it felix game at Bugis+ level 2 

Started playing and couldn't stop :p
Had dinner the asian kitchen . 


If you're talking about chicken dipped with sauces, I think that the asian kitchen has the best.
The sauce is not too sweet and just alright for the tongue. Both the duck and chicken are both chewy and tender. AH NOMNOMNOM.

The Asian Kitchen
Bugis+  #04-08 
T: 6884 5507

The emo boy doing the duckface lol.  

Drove him home afterwards and started some random chatter with feli. BUT WAIT! I wanna show you guys my new specs! What do you think? haha

With feli and her geek specs. She really has the megane-anime feel. 

Clearer pictures taken with my camera :)

Skin was peeling horribly these couple of days. Did a face mask to moisturize my face as I drove out to pick my parents up from work. I AM A FILIAL SON BWUAHAHA. But at the same time, I think that I've probably scared the crap out of the neighboring drivers lol.

AND HERE YOU ARE. Pictures pictures and more pictures! One thing you guys need to know is that I didn't train for my abs when I head to the gym. I got the abs thanks to my usual dance routines (the body/s wave helps to tone your ab muscles). As for the chest, biceps, triceps and shoulder, yes! I do gym and I'll be writing about my gym routine soon.



"QUICK! Let me put on my clothes before my parents reach home "

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