February T-Superpost

Wow... time flies. It's already march in a blink of an eye and it feels like new year's eve was just yesterday. 

February was a roller coaster ride for me - A whole lot of unexpected happened; like how I found someone I really liked in the most unexpected place and scenario ever, misunderstandings I had with my friends, examinations and yada yada.

Nonetheless, I'm proud to say that I've braved through all of them :) What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, aye?

Sooo anyway, this post is a continuation of the previous Random January Updates. YEP! All the outcasted photos for the month of Feb will be here as they're too random to the point that they're not eligible for a proper posting on my blog x) 

As mentioned in my previous post, I would be posting up the photos mini PS... so here they are!

12/02/2013 - Something special I did for a special someone :) Placed in on my carboot but it turned out to be a failed surprise lol.
Had the super yummy prawn aglio oglio from 10000 angels @ Plaza Singapura
Not forgetting their Lychee Breeze (ice blended lychee)

On that same week, I had Golden Mile's supa famous Mookata!

Maybe it's just me but I always tell my friends that the Mookata there tastes orgasmic when they're grilled to perfection.

15/02/2013 - I forgot where I went that day in the afternoon but yep, apparently I dressed up like a little kid x)

Headed over to GC office to celebrate GC weekends with the gushers again :) They had mahjong tables  and gambling sessions prepared for us!
Not the first time you see wearing this mini bowtie tee. But yep this was what I wore!

One of the tables :) With freda, rachel, junying and one more. 
Was teaching freda how to play mahjong that day. We didn't play with money but It was kinda fun teaching them how to play though.

The other table with pinkflare, xavier, kaykay and sheena x)

Headed to meet my friends and party afterwards. Face kinda red thanks to sheena and her magical concoction lol.
And I've to thank K for the post valentines chocolates ;) XIEXIENI

A friend blew this up in the club -_- Can you guess what it is? LOL.

18/02/2013- Went to pray with my family at Jurong. Initially I wanted to wear this white singlet out as the weather was terribly hot that day. My dad on the other hand was against me wearing this as he said that I look like I " just had sex " -_-
Changed to a plain black H&M tee to make him happy lol.
The pretty and crispy pork we brought along to pray
Celebrated my mum's birthday in advance afterwards and met up with alan and vincent for supper.

21/02/2013 - Had one of the happiest moments in my life lolol. Found out some bad stuff too but blah, just gonna pretend I know nothing.

Had the crayfish and crab claw pasta from Olio Cafe at Lot One! Wasn't that fantastic this time so I was kinda disappointed. Sang at Lot 2's kbox afterwards

23/02/2013 - Met up with N&Co to do some shopping and catching up that day :) Partied that night too as it has been a long time since we last gathered and partied together.
Top from Bugis. Probably not gonna wear it out ever again because a friend told me that I look hideous in it @@
Had ion's super cripsy tako balls :) The original on the left and egg mayo sauce on the right
Dinner was recommended by clement and we had it at A.venue @ Cineleisure
The super sour tomato soup @@
BUT THE LINGUINE AND BABY CLAMS POMODORO TASTED TOOO DAMN GOOD. It is probably one of the best in singapore and it's kinda cheap considering the amount of clams they already serve!
And here's a random picture of me before going to bed x)

26/02/2013 - Released a " kong ming deng "  that night. My chinese is terrible and I had to rely on my iphone to write the words for my wish :x
I hope our wishes come true :) 

Had supper at T2 Changi Airport afterwards, SWENSONS!!!

And here's the last 2 photos for the month of Feb. Was preparing something for someone x)
 Sooo yup, basically that's all for the month of Feb. There's actually a whole lot more pictures that I've on hand but I can't upload them as they're too personal haha.

OH and another thing! If you've realized, I actually changed the layout of this blog, looking cleaner and better right! Will be doing the changes to the banner and more in a later date when i've the free time to discuss the details with my graphic designer :)


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  1. I regret reading your blogs with an empty stomach so hungry now haha and as always rocking the purple hair :D