Retro Hairstyles Week 1 x Ask Tyler #2

Hello guys! I've decided to be more active with my youtube account ever since I became a youtube partner sooo please subscribe to my youtube channel >

Anyway I've come up with a theme called Retro week whereby I'll release different retro hairstyles from the 1990's and tweet it into a much more modern look :) For week 1, it's a look inspired by Leonardi Di Caprio from Titanic (dinner scene)

OH and as mentioned in the video, I'll be doing my second Q&A video soon!!! But I wouldn't be able to do it without you guys. I've changed the platform from formspring to as it's much more hassle free (you don't need to register) and more user friendly. You can leave your name together with your questions if you like! Otherwise it'll be anon so you need not worry :)

You can leave your questions on this url ->   OR just leave them down on the widget I've placed below ;) PLEASE GIVE ME MORE FUN QUESTIONS!!! The more the merrier :)

ANDDD here are the pictures I've taken while creating the look :) 

BEFORE VIDEO - Hair done without any gel/wax/clay. Just a simple twist and twirl method :) 

My current display picture in most of my social media platforms :p 

Say hi to the geek tyler :p

" Would you be my date? " 

Obviously I wouldn't neglect my blog for my youtube channel but do understand If i'm taking more time than usual on the updates, k?  :)

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