Two Jobs Ain't Easy (My new BB10!)

Having duo personas is no easy job.  Whether you’re a student by day, entrepreneur by night, or a banker by day, DJ by night, it’s hard trying to struggle between both personalities especially due to the hectic schedules we have every day in our life. AND this is why I’m going to introduce to you my life saviour!!!
YES! It’s the latest Blackberry 10!

(Did you know that the blackberry 10 is the first smartphone powered by  BlackBerry ®10, the re-designed, re-engineered and re-invented blackberry platform that creates a new and unique mobile computing experience.)

I’m going to be introducing to you the features and benefits of having this phone heheh. 
I’m sure that you guys are aware that I’m a full time student by day at Singapore Polytechnic, but what do I do after school hours?

Well basically after school, I’ll normally hit the gym to workout, start preparing ideas and gathering pictures to blog for next blog post. I also practice my dance and singing during my spare time and it’s definitely not an easy job having duo personas especially since we’ve only 24hours a day!

But what can we do to help ensure that we get everything done on time?

My school work (tutorials & presentations), for example requires lots and lots of information that cannot be found in our school notes. Thus we will always be consistently researching for new information online which can help in easing our burden.

BUT for people like me who finds it a hassle to carry a gigantic laptop to school just for research work, what do we do?
We rely on our smartphones! And this is where the BB10 comes in handy.

The new BlackBerry 10smartphone comes in 2 colours - Black and White! Don't you think it's sooo pretty and distinctive?

Not only that!! The new BlackBerry10 browder, which set the industry benchmark for HTML5 support on smartphones, is incredibly fast. Scrolling or zooming will be fluid and responsive. The browser also includes many advanced features supporting multiple tabs and allows your to browse your sites easily.

Being a fast smartphone by itself + the 4G network from SingTel – Research finished and done with at the speed of light *_* = HAPPY ME. 

But what if you’re a businessman Or a person with lots of private information?

FRED NOT AND DO NOT TO WORRY! The Blackberry10 has a  BlackBerry® safeguard technology that helps protect what is important to you and the business you work for. So this phone in my opinion, is really really versatile for everyone regardless of their age or occupation!
But what really sold me to this phone is the phone's high density pixel and screen technology which displays clear, sharp and incredibly vivid images. It even features a micro HDMI out port which we can use for school or work presentations, and advanced sensors such as NFC (near field communications) to support mobile payments and the exchange of information within a tap of the smartphone.

Just take a look at the clarity of the HDMI screen. IT’S SO FRICKING CLEAR!

Doing research for school tutorials and presentations are now all completed easily and faster thanks to the BB10. 
Not forgetting to mention everybody’s favourite social media platforms like twitter and facebook. Everything is operating faster and smoothly too!
 And what if I want to learn a new dance routine? EASY! I just open up the youtube icon and tadah.
 Video viewing is so feasible now! Not forgetting pleasant and easy on the eyes :p
Was doing some research on how to grow bigger upper chests the other day. I need not say much as the clarity of the images below says it all!!
Obviously I want bigger chest muscles but not as big as the ones shown above LOL. Those are too humongous and scary *_*

ANYWAY BACK TO THE BB10! I actually did a mini experiment of my own, to compare the BB10 screen resolutions with another phone!

Now you’re probably thinking – “ HEY! Since the phone is this good and has so much awesome features, wouldn’t the phone be bulky and big so that it can store the hardware in the phone? “

The phone is literally smaller than my nose bridge lolol.

And I wanna share with you guys some other awesome features of the BB10 that I really like!

BlackBerry Flow – Enabling features and apps to flow seamlessly together, helping you complete the task at hand effortlessly and efficiently. For example, you can tap on an attendee listed for a meeting to see their latest tweet or Linkedin profile!!

Let’s not forgetting the BBM (blackberry messenger), which allows you to share things with the people that matter to you in an instant. BBM in BB10 includes voice calling and video chat, and introduces the ability to share your screen with another BB10 contact
Don’t you forget to add me on your BBM! Here’s my pin!! You can also scan my QR code to add me up immediately ;)

And for all the camwhore kings and queens out there, you’ll love the Blackberry Time shift, a feature on the BB10 that lets you capture a picture where everyone is smiling with their eyes wide open! There is also a story maker which lets you bring a collection of photos and videos together, along with music and effects, to produce a HD movie that you can instantly share. (DAMN AWESOME FEATURE).

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Quickly get your BB10’s with Singtel right now!!!

Do update me how it has helped you with juggling between your duo personas once you’ve gotten the phone for yourself! *wink*

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