JB x Siam Legend x MakiyoJaz

Went to JB the other day with a couple of friends. Had our supper at the usual 101 seafood restaurant which is just opposite of Plaza Sentosa.

If you're here, one of the things you MUST TRY is their wing satay!! (chicken wing)
It's like sooo freaking yummy and it smells really nice too! Not forgetting that since the food itself is from JB, it's considerably cheaper as compared to the food we have in Singapore.

An array of choices to choose from. I LOVE THE PRAWNS TOO! Yumms

Some of the lovely people lol.

 The satay we ordered, this is just one plate of it! We acutally ordered another plate full of the boneless chicken wings

And this is what i'm talking about, the chicken wing... grrr i'm drooling as I'm typing this out ):

My second favourite, the prawn!~

We ordered a couple of other stuff but this cereal sotong is really yummy!

Soonhock. The fish's like " OMG let me sashay as I get burned by the frying pan ".

Had a bubble wash for the audi. Only $5 SGD!! Freaking cheap.
Massage at the usual Siam Legand afterwards
 While waiting for the masseur to arrive :3
I'm not sure if this is considered a blessing or a curse lol. Every time I visit siam legend, I would always get the prettiest ones. Somehow the prettiest ones there are also the horniest ones!!! I would normally fall asleep half way through the thai massage and the masseur would actually wake me up and ask if i would like to be serviced -_-

Thing is, I'm there to enjoy and relieve my body from the aching. I'm not there to have sex. TSK.

I always have to lie that i'm 17 and thus, underage and not able to do stuff with these pretty masseurs -_-

AND previously, i got away with it. BUT WAHH, this time, the masseur actually said this " it's okay one, you don't have to worry. Nobody will know ".

She only continued with the massage only after I was continuously rejecting her offer lol.

BUT THAT ASIDE, the massage was super shiok :) Brought home loklok to munch on after the massage

Yummy soft shell crab :D

Anyway, I'm currently trying out this new brand of lens from www.makiyo.weebly.com
 My main concern when it comes to contacts is that it has to be really really MOISTURIZING because my eyes gets dry reaaal easily. Luckily the contact lens from makiyo jaz are comfortable to my eyes :)

Trying out this red lens. It really enlarges my pupils and make my eyes looks even bigger!

Since most koreans are using enlarging circle lenses nowadays, do you think it looks good on me? :O

I'll be blogging again tomorrow :) Do check back!

I am a chocobo

Met le best friend a while back when I was still blonde. Was too busy that I almost forgot to blog about this :x Sorry jess! Hahaa say hi to her!

We had an impromptu meetup that day as we've not since each other physically since the holidays started T_T

She helped me out with some *shopping* that day and we had our dinner at Ajisen :)

 Ordered the Scallops Ramen for myself. It was rather not bad but the scallops tasted kinda bland

Le best friend had the miso cha shu ramen.

I think the photos i take makes the food looks damn unappetizing lol. Don't you think so too? :x

FACE SHINY LIKE A DIAMOND &@#^&@#^&@%^$&@#$

Le best friend's form of entertainment while i'm busy replying emails lolol.


68 Orchard Road, #04-01, Singapore 238839
Tel: 6837 0191

We went for a walk around plaza sing afterwards while waiting for our movie to start

 LOOK WHAT I SPOTTED AT THE HOUSE OF OTAKU!!! It's a chocobo cap!! (and spot the happy hat too lol)

She's this weird black thing with yellow eyes now @@

I am a chocobo! :D

I think the people working at otaku house thought that we're a couple lol.

Caught The last exorcism with her afterwards. The way we watched a movie was like a couple too!!! We even held hands/shoulder like a couple watching horror movies lolol. But we both know that we're just best of friends. Love you jess :) #friendzonedonline LOL

Drove her home afterwards and played mahjong with feli&co. 

Salon Vim: Arimino Privy Hair Treatment

I paid a trip to SalonVim earlier today to fix my damaged ends and also to change my turquoise highlights! As you guys know, I've been bleaching my hair non-stop these couple of months and my hair was becoming real dry and frizzle ):

Luckily, Jaime saved my hair today. YAY!

Other than changing the turquoise highlights, I was treated and pampered with one of the latest technologies from Japan - The ARIMINO CARETRICO PRIVY hair treatment ! I have to say, the results were really amazing and my hair immediately became softer, bouncier (more volume) and also fluffier! It not only nourished my hair, but also helped soften the hair texture and smoothen out the stubborn frizzy hair stains which really helped to soft my bad hair condition. YOU GUYSSS really need to try it out!!

But in any case, let's let the picture do the talk :D

En route to changing my highlights.

Look who was coincidentally with me at the salon today! It's da super pretty Eunice :D

Hardworking blogger is hardworking! She's taking photos every couple of minutes... I feel so lazy lol..


Anyway, the privy hair treatment is a 3-step process which includes shampooing with a their Privy Gentle Wash Pro - which really helps to smoothen my hair and makes it soft! I was told that this shampoo is like a moisturizer + coniditioner + shampoo all in one :D AMAZE-BALLS!

And for the second step, it's the application of the enrich serum which helps to repair your hair internally.

I look like a monk lolol.

Lastly, it's the hold cream which helps to protect the surface of your hair~! Apparently this hold cream has the latest cross-linked artificial cuticle technology and liquid crystal emulsion technology which both sounds really chim and hard to understand. BUT BASICALLY ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW IS THAT IT MAKES YOUR HAIR FREAKING AWESOME AND FABULOUS. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

When Vic turned on the steamer for me, I was apparently overwhelmed by the steam lolol. It kept getting into my nose and making it wet.

Told vic to fix the problem and tadah, I look like a cute alien with 3D ultra-light thingy floating around my head.

My hair is instantly softer as mentioned earlier :) For my highlights, Jaime did a darker shade of brown which provides a contrast to the base colour of my hair! I think it gives an illusion of more voluminousness hair even without styling :D

Jaime styling my hair up for me :)

And I just realized that I didn't take a proper picture for the longest time ever, so here she is!

Heh, looking awesome and all prepped up to leave the salon.

Here's a pic of me and eunice to end the post ;)

Thank you Jaime and Salon Vim for the freaaaking awesome hair :)

For my other posts on Salon Vim Bugis, You can read them up here http://www.tylerhikaru.com/search/label/salon%20vim%20bugis

Salon Vim (Facebook page)
313 @ Somerset Orchard Road #04-07/08/09
Bugis Village @ 235 Victoria Street s(188027)

Monday to Friday 11am - 9.30pm
Saturday to Sunday 10.30am - 9.30pm

Contact:             6884-7757       or             6884-7767      

You can quote my name to get 10% off for your hair services
Otherwise, you can also sign up as a Salon Vim member to get 15% off each visit :)