I am a chocobo

Met le best friend a while back when I was still blonde. Was too busy that I almost forgot to blog about this :x Sorry jess! Hahaa say hi to her!

We had an impromptu meetup that day as we've not since each other physically since the holidays started T_T

She helped me out with some *shopping* that day and we had our dinner at Ajisen :)

 Ordered the Scallops Ramen for myself. It was rather not bad but the scallops tasted kinda bland

Le best friend had the miso cha shu ramen.

I think the photos i take makes the food looks damn unappetizing lol. Don't you think so too? :x

FACE SHINY LIKE A DIAMOND &@#^&@#^&@%^$&@#$

Le best friend's form of entertainment while i'm busy replying emails lolol.


68 Orchard Road, #04-01, Singapore 238839
Tel: 6837 0191

We went for a walk around plaza sing afterwards while waiting for our movie to start

 LOOK WHAT I SPOTTED AT THE HOUSE OF OTAKU!!! It's a chocobo cap!! (and spot the happy hat too lol)

She's this weird black thing with yellow eyes now @@

I am a chocobo! :D

I think the people working at otaku house thought that we're a couple lol.

Caught The last exorcism with her afterwards. The way we watched a movie was like a couple too!!! We even held hands/shoulder like a couple watching horror movies lolol. But we both know that we're just best of friends. Love you jess :) #friendzonedonline LOL

Drove her home afterwards and played mahjong with feli&co. 

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