March T-Superpost

HERE IT IS YOU GUYS!!! It's time for this month's super post!!! Like the super posts from the previous months, I'll be clearing all the outcasted photos for the month of March as they're too random to be eligible for a full proper posting on this blog :p

How have you guys been? I hope it's been good for you cause march has been pretty bad for me. Oh well, I WILL SURVIVE *cues nicole sherzinger's hush hush*

ARE YOU READY? Cause there's a whole lot of photos to clear for this month's superpost. OKAY LET'S GO!

10 March 2013 - Caught Jack the Giant Slayer with Kc on that day!

Had Teppanyaki At Plaza Sing's Sakae!

And this is KC!

For my overseas readers who have no idea on what Teppanyaki is, Teppanyaki is typically a propane-heated flat surface grill and are widely used to cook food in front of the guests at the restaurant.

Here are some pictures of how the food is being cooked and the food we ordered!

Met up with mon after the movie and had thai food at NANA, Golden mile.


Nana Thai Restaurant

5001 Beach Road #01-51/52/66C

Golden Mile Complex Singapore

And this is my gorgeous friend, Mon.

The food we ordered that day!

Fried pork intestines which I didn't touch cause I'm afraid of organs :x

The pork sausage salad which I only had one serving of because it was too spicy T_T

Pineapple rice

The two kuku birds decided to do some titanic roleplay and I shall be the narrator (sorry for the blur pics, they kept moving lol)

Scene 1: Jack held rose's arms in the air. Aww they look so romantic together don't they?

Scene 2: Jack found out that rose was a transgender guy all along and was furious! He tried to let go but rose refuses.

Scene 3: Jack pushes rose down the titanic and she dies. The end. LOL

And how could we forget to take photos together? :p

22/03/2013 - Had an interview with crystal whose research team is travelling across asia interviewing different popular bloggers!

It was kinda fun doing the interview. Thank you crystal ;)

Met up with eleanor afterwards to catch Warm bodies. She hates anything that's scary and apparently warm bodies is actually " scary " in her dictionary. I can't believe she actually got a huge shock while it.... I think the picture below practically sums up all the emotions she had throughout the movie LOLOL.

In overall, it was a pretty good movie in my opinion, probably because I LOVE ZOMBIES. FYI i'm a resident evil nerd lolol.

Headed over to the office to celebrate gushcloud weekends with the gushers afterwards :) Invited ele along and took a couple of camwhore shots while we were resting.

And this is tricia's super adorable tintin!!! SOOO CUTEEEE

Pic below: I was kinda high HAHAHA cause we played some drinking games and finished a whole bottle of vodka before the rest arrived. 


Left the office and went to party afterwards.

And say hi to cavell, who's the poster boy for TP. This asshole told me that he will never do the gwiyomi ever... turns out he did the video a few days later T_T LIAR
With a couple of the other party people. 
 Mummy made bird nest for me when I reached home. FEELING SOO LOVED <3

26/03/2013 - Met up with the gushers for a briefing at the blackberry office. Camera lens was kinda blur when I left home lol. FREE FILTER !

First time seeing naonao. Freda took this photo hHAHAHAA
 Pretty sheena and julius!

Had lunch at an italian restaurant called Saizeriya. The food there is really really cheap and tastes pretty good!

Address: 177 River Valley Rd, Singapore 179030
Phone:6337 9001

Monday hours 11:00 am–10:00 pm

 Freda and Tammy!!! 
 In the picture - Darren, viola, naonao, half of tammy, a glimpse of yankaykay and shine.

A photo with naonao before we all left. Drove her to FEP before gymming and continued with my other plans. (that's her laptop case LOL)

27/03/2013 - Some of the pictures I took during the day I attended Le noir! Didn't want to flood the le noir review post with my photos so I've decided to include these photos for this super post instead.

Had dinner at Marina Square with Eleanor before Le Noir. 


Oh hey! It's me again :D

The moon was beautiful that day @@ Realize that the moon has something hugging it? heh

While waiting for the bus at MBS. I actually drove that day but the carpark which I parked my car at was kinda far away from MBS... zzzz lol .

And here are the remaining photos that does not have a date included!

With the 2 playful little things taken during my blackberry post -

Taken during my maid's birthday when I wanted to shock her LOLOL. NINJA TYLER IS HERE!

Have you guys watched my latest hair tutorial? :p  
Pictures taken for that video.

And sharing with you guys, my obsession with fat booth during the early march period lolol

Hope this post kinda entertained you guys! Let's all work hard for the month of april. LET'S GO!

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