My first ever macaroon!

Hi !!! School just reopened for me and it has been rather packed for me so far. Had an 'ok' time adapting to my new classmates and i'm pretty glad they've been really nice people so far :D

On the other hand, I was kinda upset that FYP is compulsory for my course even though we were told that it was optional during Year1 . OH! And I also found out that parking at SP will not be free anymore T_T They'll be charging $1 per hour starting from the 2nd of May. Grrr, which means i'll have to take public transport to school and squeeze with the morning crowd #studentpains

SOOOO anyway, I met up with bobo the other day for a catch up session :) Haven't been camwhoring lately so I took quite a lot of photos on the.. 12/04/2013 . To be honest, I'm still trying to get used to the short hair cut and also, the outrageous colour so taking lots of photos actually helps to boost my confidence by a little :x

The horrible traffic jam while i was driving to town.


Dined at Canele's newest outlet at Plaza Sing

  • 68 Orchard Road #01-55 Plaza Singapura
  • Singapore 238839
  • Telephone (65) 6837 2252 Facsimile (65) 6837 223

I think that the food there is pretty affordable leh! Just that their desserts are kinda pricey.

Say hi to bobo :D 

Candid photos taken by bobo while i was viewing the menu lol.

Had the pink salmon pasta that day as their crab pasta was currently unavailable. It was pretty not bad! Kinda sweet to the tastebuds but it would be better if the salmon was fatter.

Bobo's seafood pasta :D

And presenting to you... MY FIRST EVER MACAROON!

Just so you know, Canele is pretty well known for their macaroon and bobo suggested I try it there, sooo yup.

The hazelnut macaroon was *insert lots and lots of love* FREAKING YUMMY!!! My eyes immediately brightened up when i had a bite of that awesome thing lol.

Tapao another 6 macaroon for my family to eat :)

Another candid photo of me signing the bill. Got the fatherly figure not! LOL 

Went to party afterwards and look who i saw!!!
YAY it's eleanor !!! I haven't been seeing her this month because she was pretty packed with her final year stuff. SHE'S GONNA GRADUATE FROM NAFA YAYYY!  But yeah, seeing her that day pretty much made my day brighter!

A pic of bobo fixing the kinderjoy toy I gave him :D

And here's a blur photo of my twin before i end this post lolol.

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  1. Just discovered this blog and I LOVE it! I have had so much fun this morning reading through all your adventures. I'm stuck in doors for the day so I've probably already read through half your site. Looks like you've been taking advantage of lots of the opportunities that surround us. Keep on posting and I will keep on following! Also, Im jealous of your sweet hair styles. I have been wanting to do the same sort of things for the past few years but I work full time so its not considered work professional where Im at. Keep on posting!

    1. Hello! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog and i'm really glad you enjoyed yourself! haha you can actually try the different hairstyles that are much more formal to be preseted for your full time work. Maybe i'll do a couple of "professional" looking hairstyles soon.

      Anyway I hope you have a good day ahead :) Cheerssss

  2. Hi, Just wanna know how much do you pay for your MCM back pack?

  3. i'm curious about your blur twin, can you posting more photos with him. Please..