Random blabber and curly hair

Just got a hold of my semester timetable and I'm already having the urge to start flipping tables and rant non stop.

Then again, SP probably doesn't give a damn about the student's welfare so I doubt that my rants and complains here will even affect the school system in any way -_- lol.

What else can I do leh? Hmmm, blog lor. Hahaha but seriously I can't wait to graduate. 1 more year to go! 

Anyway, I met up with Alan a week back and had some catching up. We had a themed meetup and it was bowtie day!! 

OOTD and Hair of the day :) Tried out this new hairstyle which is really really easy to do! @@

I've no idea why but I'm starting to feel real ugly recently T_T Having a whole lot of whiteheads recently and my post acne scars are really ugly and annoying too. Le sigh.

Frankly speaking, my complexion looks flawless in almost all my photos but if you were to zoom in x10, you will probably start to notice my scars and whiteheads and get disgusted hahaha. But let's not do that shall we.

AND BACK TO THE MEETUP WITH ALAN. We caught the croods at Cathay and had astons afterwards.
 Alot of our mutual friends have been saying that we kinda look alike. Do we? O_O

Hey it's me again!Oh and my eyes were really red that day as my lens was drying my eyes out. Couldn't stop crying T_T

Had the usual lemon lime chicken with mac & cheese with potato salad!

Alan's steak with salad pasta and mac and cheese!

Drove over to pick up bobo and had supper at chompchomp afterwards. Alan ordered this lime juice which serving was really humongous and scary hahaha .

 Having the urge to just censor my face. I look like I just had a bad break up ... ugh my eyes that day.

It's actually my first time at chompchomp, call me suaku but i've never tried the food there before!!! Too bad we were only having desserts at chompchomp but i would really want to come back and try the food there the next time!!

ANYWAY I've been updating my youtube channel regularly recently so don't forget to subscribe to me and also like my videos :D A new video will be up every thursday so do check back oftenly!