St Regis

Spent the night at St Regis hotel the week before (18-19/05/2013).

Headed out to get some supper with a friend whom I've not met for the past 3 years!! But that asssss took an hour to get out of his place -_- So I decided to camwhore while waiting for him.

I think I look damn retarded as I was trying to look for a light source to illuminate the photos lol.

Managed to find a good spot after ... 10mins? YES I was that bored while I was waiting for my friend.
 So yeah, after he finally appeared and I'm done with taking the photos. We decided to have supper at Founder BKT restaurant as I was craving for something soupy.

Founder Bak Kut Teh Restaurant

347 Balestier Road
New Orchid Hotel
Tel: 63526192
 The overall ambiance of the restaurant was really ... unique? The walls are all plastered with photos of celebrities and well known public figures in Singapore. It's kinda fun looking through all of them while you're waiting for your food to arrive.

Presenting to you, da friend - weiwei who was late for 1hour -_- He was reluctant to show his face on the camera so you guys just make do with this okay? LOL.

Finally the food is servedddd! The service was relatively bad though.

And here's their famous Bak Kut Teh!!
As it has been raved by many food bloggers and news articles before, I was actually expecting this to be really really good. Unfortunately, it kinda disappointed me.

The soup was not overly peppery but just right. The herbs blended perfectly together to make the soup really fragrant but what spoilt the entire dish is the pork ribs! Yes, there were fats too but the meat were really really hard and firm. Maybe it's supposed to be like this but I had a really tough time trying to bite off the meat. Even weiwei gave up on eating his portion and just left it aside. So in overall it's a no-no for me. I still prefer the other bak kut teh which is along baliester's stretch of road.


I went back to St regis and before I forget, here are the pictures of the suite!

The suite was sooooo big that I think I can invite a couple of kids over to play hide and seek in and still get lost @@ The room was really really comfy and it gives you a sense of luxuriousness. NOT ONLY THAT, I enjoyed playing with the automatic curtains (there's remote where you can use to open/close the curtains for the living room, bedroom, bathroom and more).

And what's even better? Complimentary butler services and in-room dining. Had the butlers bring me earl grey teaaaaa and it was really really good (with brown + white sugar of course). Earl grey has got to be my all time favourite as it makes me feel really calm and relaxed after consuming it.

What else to make the entire night better? A LAVENDER SALT bath with a built in tv :)) FYI that's the dictator lol.

Watched the 2008 Victoria's Secrets before taking a short nap.

And ended the day with the in-room breakfast buffet.

Went back to bed after that. I can't believe that I stayed up all night just to make use of the amnesties (I didn't sleep that night other than a nap)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE staycations so hello hotels!! If you want to sponsor me hotel stays, do contact me k :p Hahahaha

Will be updating another post before I leave Singapore this weekend. Do check back more often!~

Ask Tyler #2

A new Q&A video is up on my youtube channel :D I filmed it back during my march-april holidays but didn't had the time to edit it. Soooo here it is!

If you're interested in leaving me your questions, do visit !

Shela's 19th Birthday

Celebrated shela's 19th birthday last week. It's been months since I've last saw her and the thought of actually being able to see her last week still bring smiles to my face :) Can never forget the memories we built up together. (Picture taken during Zirca's Splashcoat 2012)
A photo I took on the lift. I LOOK SO SHORT HERE lol. 
I met up with ckae, silver, melvin, zhuolun and dallas to get a cake for shela before heading down to the birthday venue at Polaris Gourmet!
Ckae and Melvin
 The other attendees who were early :\
I think I looked really tired below lol. Had to study till 2am the night before to prepare myself for a morning test.
 Presenting to you, silver! The lil sis figure. 
 With da lovable birthday girl, Shela :) 

Dinner's served! We were really late that day, to the point that our food has to be ordered within 5mins as the restaurant was gonna close it orders! So we had to quickly order whatever we like and stuff it all into the wok.
 Wok full of food. Like literally full to the point that it almost soup almost overflowed lol.
 Surprisingly, we finished all the food we ordered within 30minutes and even had some time to camwhore before the cake cutting session.
 The lil sis figure has been nagging for me to post a photo of her up so here it is !! Hahaha are you happy now? :D
Happy birthday to you Shela! It's really a blessing to have known you for these couple of months and even though I know that I didn't really treat you as nice, or as good as the others, you've continuously showed me your love just like a sister figure/lover. I'm really really grateful and I hope that you'll be really successful in your future. SLIM DOWN MORE AND BE PRETTIER K.  LOVE YOU