April T-Superpost

Weeee finally it's time for this month's super post!! Like the previous super posts, I'll be clearing all the outcasted photos for the month of April :)

I'm naming this month's T-superpost - BACK TO SCHOOL because i'm finally back to school for my final year T_T

SOOO let's go :) 

I dressed up as a school boy the other day sean and I went out to do some business discussion. Since school's gonna reopen, I might as well snap more photos before I start becoming reaaaally busy!

Caught " The croods " with Sean and had astons afterwards :)

Played LAN after our formal discussion over dinner lolol. Time to unleash our inner child.
Fyi, he's the same age as me but he's already playing with stocks and venturing in diff stuff. I FEEL SO UNACCOMPLISHED NOW KILL ME PLEASE.

Clearing some of the photos which I took for my youtube videos :D

On the 06/04/2013, I met up with TC for dinner at ECP! 

Ordered my favorite sambal lala and we also had a plate of cereal sotong!

Met kc afterwards at town and had another gaming session near pomo.

Camwhored while I was heading to KC's place to use the toilet lolol.

My buddy of 3years+ :)

Spotted this really obedient dog while I was driving. I'M BAD INFLUENCE PLEASE DO NOT TAKE PHOTOS WHEN U DRIVE LOL.

Took a couple of random photos a few days later @@ Some of them got up on insta so it shouldn't look too foreign to you guys.

Played mahjong with feli, derrick and jacq on the 24/04/2013
First time being so close to winning with " Si san yao " T_T
I ended up waiting for the white board but jacq die also refuse to give me that tile. The game ended with no winners as there's no tiles left. RAWR

Had Sakae with kenneth on the 25/04/2013. Took a couple of photos before heading out

Didn't take much photos as I forgot to bring out my camera's memory card, total FML moment for me lolol. Had to make do with my iphone's camera instead.
Ah nomnomnom, I solo-ed so many plates of food to the point that kenneth got scared LOLOL

Came home and spotted Feli sleeping on the couch. The pikachu's like " BOO!!! " hahaha so cute!!

All dressed up for a photoshoot x casting for a magazine competition on the 26/04/2013 ;) 

Raindrops falling on the windscreen~My camera takes awesome photos with it's HDR mode!

Saying hi from le class :) 
The photoshoot was a breeze and I think I look relatively good ;) Will post up the photos once I've gotten a hold of it!

Drove my family's new/temporary baby out the other day. First time driving another car aside from the usual audi/toyota @@ Got kinda nervous and made the passengers onboard the car panic a couple of times LOL

The rest of the photos are just really random shots i've taken throughout the month. Hopefully you'll enjoy seeing my face over and over again? :3 

I actually got the top because of T-ara (not secret garden). If you've watched hello baby, you will know that t-ara gifted the moon brothers this jacket and that's why I got one for myself back then! So this jacket is rather outdated haha

When I still had turquoise highlights on my hair~
Feli got me this boy london top while she was in korea. Apparently it is in this year's summer collection so you won't be able to find the imitation/fake ones elsewhere yet.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this month's superpost although it's rather boring :) I'll try to make may an exciting month and camwhore more often!

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