Best Satay in Singapore - Boonlay Satay

It's been ages since I've last taken photos with Sushi, my mix breed yellow belly dwarf hamster!!! Don't you find that fat face of his adorable?!?!?!!
Thinking about it, he's 2years old this year )): I just hope that he won't leave me that soon... sigh. 

Anyway, I met up with bobo for dinner at my parent's workplace the other day. My parents has been nagging for me to do a review/ad for their stall since last year but I haven't had the time to actually head down to the place and dine.

Since bobo and I had like.... 4hours till our movie (Olympus has fallen) starts, I made a suggestion to dine there before our movie!

As I was heading out :D

My parents actually started this satay business since I was 8 and thanks to it, our family's financial condition has improved throughout the years :)

221B Boon Lay Place
#01-146 Boon Lay Place Food Village

 My parent's beautiful stall :)

Good satay stalls are easy to find in Singapore, there are several well known ones in east coast park, bedok etc etc. But good satay + satay sauce is another story.

Do note that i'm being impartial and not only giving praise to the satay just because they're my parents. To be honest, my parent's stall is one of the popular stalls in Singapore that serves awesome satay with delicious satay sauce. It is also one of the most popular stalls at the hawker centre during dinner time.
Interior of the stall lol 

My dad always ensures that the satay he grills are all up to perfection. The pork satay? It is grilled to perfection with just the right amount of fat that melts in your mouth. The chicken satay? I LOVE IT! It's super tender and really really yummy. Not forgetting to dip the satay in the peanut sauce x) PERFECTION.
I've a couple of friends whom I've known who has been craving for my parent's satay for years and they've been consistently giving praise to the satay my dad grills. I swear i'm not making this up !!!

However, the main problem with my parent's stall is because it's so popular, your orders can take awhile. I used to work for them when I was younger and the wait can take up to an hour!!! The business can be so good that it can even be sold out before 9pm :x

Let me bring you insights of my daddy grilling the satay. 
 He just cleared the latest batch of satay. Normally during the busy hours, he would be grilling up to 150 satay each time. Each stick of satay is painstakingly grilled to perfection (no joke), my dad always burns his hands while grilling the satay for the customers. Health wise, my dad had several health issues in the past thanks to the dangerous toxins produced by the charcoal which he has to inhale all the time ): You can see how much dedication he puts into grilling the food for the customers.

I used to ask him why do he even have to make himself suffer so much. His only response was " I'm doing it for the family, If I don't do it, who else will? " .

The stall is located beside the BBQ chicken wings stall, which is also beside the shark meat porridge stall!

A closer view for you guys.

Say hi to bobo again :D

 While waiting for our food to be served, we ordered fruit juice from one of the stalls i used to always patronize when I was still working for my parents. It's only $1.50 for this big cup! But being the water tank I am, I orderd another 2 glasses after this lolol.

TADAHHH! Our satay's here after 30minutes! Bobo was giving it praise while munching on it.
 If you look at the satay, each and every stick is actually chaotah but there's no chaotah smell/taste!! This is why my parents always have a line of regular customers raving over the satay as they're all grilled to perfection x)

Dipping the satay in the peanut sauce for extra yummy points.

 We ordered stingray and kailan too!!

221B Boon Lay Place
#01-146 Boon Lay Place Food Village

Don't forget to patronize and show my parents some love :p But please do not pester them okay? Hugsss

UPDATE: The market will be closed for 2months starting from may and will resume business at July. So do patronize my parent's stall at july :) 

Left boon lay hawker centre to catch " Olympus has fallen" with bobo afterwards at Plaza sing.
Im loving mac donald's latest lychee mc breeze!  It's so refreshing lor.

Anyway I wanna apologize if you guys think that i've not been updating regularly. I haven't had much time to even complete my work and other stuff so I hope you guys will understand.

Besides, regularly updating my youtube chn/blog/other social media platforms is really taking it's toll on me. I'm SOOOO TIREDDDD I need more rest. Not like school's giving me an easy time either.

BUT BUT BUT, I will try to update my blog more oftenly k? Can't wait to share with you guys some stuff I've been doing recently.

The next issue of April's T-superpost will be up soon. Do check back for a flood of photos :p


  1. So the satay stall which my family ordered from for years is owned by ur parents... cool! All the best for ur family business... will cont to support de :)

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