Early mother's day dinner @ Sakae

Had an early mother's day dinner with my mum, bro and feli at Lot one's Sakae on the 10th of May.

I've been having a terrible craving for sushi and raw food recently, so the early mother's day treat was to actually feed my insatiable hunger since my mum has no suggestions on where to dine at for that night. Now be prepared for a whole lot of sushi! (the food not my hamster lolol)

My bro and feli :D  My bro and I don't look similiar...right?

Accompanied my mum to do some shopping after dinner and as usual, she'll head to watsons to get stuff that she don't even need. Here's a picture of her getting conned by the saleswomen lolol. Like what i predicted, she ended up buying some irrelevant stuff from bio-essence that she don't even need.

Ending this post with a photo taken with felicia :)


  1. Hi, do you have a skincare routine? If so, do you mind sharing it? :)

  2. Hyung, I think you and your brother don't look alike~kkkk