Nose Fillers

Have you even wondered what is the main importance of having a nice nose? (my definition of a nice nose - High and straight nose bridge with a sharp tip + small nostrils).

Did you know that since the nose is the central feature of the face, it has been recognized as the most important feature as it's features can affect the overall balance of the face.

When you first take a glance on a stranger's face, you would normally take note of these two facial features first - Their eyes and their nose.

By having a nice nose, your eyes will stand out better.
By having a nice nose, you will look better!
As a guy, I think that having a higher and defined nose bridge (eyebrows to the tip of the nose) gives you a much more sharper and manlier look.

But what can one do to improve the appearance of their nose without undergoing surgery?

The answer: Dermal Fillers

I've been doing my research on a couple of different places around Singapore, to find a professional yet wallet friendly aesthetic clinic to help me improve the overall appearance and feature of my nose.

And my research brought me to Yume Aesthetic and Medical Clinic
I made an appointment with Doctor Jim for the derma fillers consultation.

Through the consultation, he answered my inquiries regarding the fillers and also what they can do!

And I'm here to share some of my knowledge with you guys~

What can fillers do for me?

For the chin, it gives a sharper facial look and also offers the face more aesethetic curves especially on the side view. For the nose, it gives a distinct nose bridge, lengthens the nose and gives a more defined nose tip. Aesthetically with both nose and chin augmentation with fillers, it makes patients more attractive, slimmer and provides the face with a much more 3-dimensional facial shape.

What are the different fillers available and how long do they last? 

The fillers ranges from 1 year to 3 years+ in duration. There's a couple of different fillers available such as " Revanesse", which is known for its excellent safety record and lasts about a year ($700+), "Juvederm" which can lasts up to 2years, "Radiesse" which helps to create a sharper and defined look with volume ($850+).

Are fillers painful? 

NO!! The process of injecting the fillers aren't painful at all! The reason is becayse the latest generation of fillers contains lidocaine, which is a local anaesthetic and it's thanks to this, patients now feel little to no pain during the injection.

Is there any downtime?

Nope! The process of fillers will only make you have some mild bruising which can be covered with makeup. It is completely scarless too!

For me, my primary main concern for the fillers is actually the price! Yes, i do want to look good but I don't wanna be burning a big hole in my wallet at the same time and I'm really glad i actually did my research since yume provides fillers at an affordable price.

After my first consultation, I was told to return home and fill up a parental consent form as I'm below 21 ): So i actually went home and did the fillers on another day after filling everything up.

En route to the clinic on the 2nd of May. My skin was peeling that day so it's kinda red ): 

Was directed to a waiting room where the nurse applied numbing cream on my nose!

This is me with one long and thick line of numbing cream lol. 
 Sideview. Saying bye to my curved nose bridge temporarily :D
 After 20-30 minutes, my nose area was cleansed, disinfected and ready for the fillers to be injected!

 I didn't manage to take photos of the actual procedure but I've to say that Dr Jim was really attentive and ensured that I'm not "suffering" while the procedure was ongoing. While the fillers is being injected, Dr Jim massaged my nose to mold the filler at the same time.  

Oh and in case you're curious, the pain factor is close to nothing because of the numbing cream!

NOW BEHOLD, the before and after photos!

The before photos

After :) 

Front view

I'm really satisfied with the results as I look much better as compared to before and I'm really loving my nose much more now especially since the slanted part of my nose bridge is gone!! I've been receiving compliments from different friends telling me that I look slightly "different" and better looking now - Which proves that the entire process leaves you with a very natural looking nose.

The fillers I did is "Radiesse", will last me around 1-2years and costed me a total of $800! Which will be around $40+ a month if it lasts me 18months? :D

I'm heading down to Yume tomorrow for a review/touch up to finish the leftover fillers.

Thank you Dr Jim and Yume :)

Yume Aesthetic and Medical Clinic is located at

Address: 360 Orchard Road, #04-08 International Building, Singapore 238869Telephone: 67330073Fax: 67338879

 I'm really happy knowing that I can actually do something to improve how I look so far without making it look too "drastic". Maybe I'll consider undergoing surgery next time to look better!
 But for now, my main concerns is still my post acne scars ): I actually had thoughts of filling it up with fillers but since it's not gonna be permanent, I think it would be better if I opted for laser skin resurfacing.

If you're keen in collaborating/sponsoring me the above mentioned services, please email me at !!! I will really appreciate it !!!

BYE :) 


  1. I liked your nosebrigde before even more... It looked more natural.. I´m not a fan when people who actually look really good change something because they want to be "more beautiful" or stuff like that...
    Please don´t do any plastic surgery! you look wonderful and unique! don´t mess that up ._.

  2. No to plastic surgery / operation :( You look very good as it is already :)

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  5. Nice post! your nose looks nice and symmetrical! I am thinking of getting fillers for the area in between my eyes so my nose wont look slanted :)

  6. Hi, I am interested in doing the same filler for my nose but the doctor Jim who did your nose is nolonger at Yume clinic? Their website only have dr Zhu and dr myint?

    Can you help advise?

    Thank you so much.

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