Dined at Saveur with Eleanor on the 04/05/2013! Did some catching up with her as I've not seen her ever since her finals started.

SAVEUR (Bugis)

Address5 Purvis Street,
Talib Court #01-04
Singapore 188584

Telephone6333 3121 (No Reservations)
Operating Hours
Mon to Sat
- 12pm - 2.15pm (last order)
- 6pm - 9.30 pm (last order)
- 6 pm - 9.00 pm (last order)

With Eleanor! I MISS HER SOOOO MUCH! I was having trouble laughing that day as the bruise from my nose fillers still hurt! So whenever I laugh, I will be like ' ouch ouch ouch ' throughout and it made the sadistic eleanor even happier >_>

I ordered the Lemon fizz for myself ;) It was rather tasteless though, not worth the $

Eleanor and I both had Duck main course and it's really really cheap in my opinion - Only $9.90! Considering the location and also ambience of the place, you would expect a much more pricey menu lor

The duck skin was REALLY REALLY good.

I'm very anal when it comes to my food but I give this duck a 4/5 for it's exceptionally Delicious skin :D

We headed to Raffles City to have some sweet treats at Canele afterwards. 

Candid photo snapped by eleanor lolol

:p :p :p :p

Our sweet treats :D

Ele's lemon something cake. 

Was having a hard time deciding on whether to choose the strawberry shortcake or this crispy chocolate cake. I end up with choosing the crispy le chocolat croustillant. 

The crispy bitter chocolate. YUMMMSSS

Managed to drag eleanor to catch Scary Movie 5 with me and TC after desserts as that scaredy meow HATES horror movies haha. Even though I repeated time after time that Scary movie is a comedy movie based on horror movie and ISN'T scary at all, she didn't believe me ):

One way or another, I worked my tyler magic and convinced her to catch the movie with me heh.

Headed over to East Coast Park with TC afterwards.

What I wanted to write above was: You yuan zai jian. Which means " If fate allows, I hope we meet again ".

Sometimes I really hate how fate and time forces two people to separate..

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