The big wedding

Met le best friend the other day for a movie date at cine. Apparently it's one of the rare days where I actually decided to take the public transport instead of driving to town. 
JUST LOOK AT ME. I LOOK SO TIRED!! I've been busy juggling between my work, blog, modelling, school and other stuff recently and I'm packed almost everyday T_T

But to be honest, I'm really appreciating everything that I have now.
Moving on, yeah! I met up with Jessica the other day to catch a movie. We decided to have something light before the movie so ended up having desserts at xin wang lol.

Le best friend was really persistent in trying to capture an ugly photo of me.
 and this is the reason why I have photos of me looking like this on my camera.
We caught " The Big Wedding " after desserts. It was definitely one of the most boring romantic comedies I've ever watched. There was no climax and the so called "naughty" scenes were relatively boring too.

STILL, it's still quality time spent with jess lol. We ran all around taka in search for some makeup products afterwards.

What's an outing without photos? :)

Headed over to thomas sabo to look for my other friends before having dinner at...

I was actually pretty reluctant to have KFC because I've a very strong policy of not having fast food when i'm out at town. However, since my other friends agreed on having KFC too, I might as well just go with it lolol.

Oh before I forget! I realized that my wardrobe is full again even though I've cleared half of it earlier this year -_- What's worst is that most of these clothes are actually brand new (a couple of them are worn once or twice) and since I really need to make some space for my wardrobe. I'll be letting them go at $5-8 (for the t-shirts) and $10-20 (for the jumpers/sweatshirts/jackets). Nothing above $20!!
I'll be posting the details of my preloved clothing on the 7th of June so do check back :)

In the meantime, do visit my blog more often as I'll be updating this platform EVERYDAY for the whole of this week. I need to clear my old photos before my mid semester test starts next week!!! 


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