Dirty Dancing x Gwiyomi Faceoff x TNGY Photoshoot

Headed to MBS to catch Dirty dancing last saturday!! It was a really splendid show with realistic acting and awesome dance moves!! Though I didn't catch the movie prior to the show, I was really captivated by the beauty of the theme and storyline :) 

Outfit for Dirty Dancing x Gwiyomi FaceOff!
Invited my dearest BFF along to catch Dirty Dancing with me.
 Look who's behind me !!! It's Lydia and Asyiha :)
 YA!! I know that the photos were relatively blur because we weren't allowed to snap any photos with flash inside the theater soooo we had make do with what we have. Beside me was eunice n fai :)

Headed out during the 15minutes break to snap photos with the gushcloud bloggers who were present :)


Asyiha !! 


With all of em :) 

With Tricia (aka vaingloriousyou) :D 

After the break, le bff and I went back in to catch alittle more of the show. Unfortunately, I had to leave in between for my gwiyomi faceoff at jurong point. I was late for around ... 40minutes? I felt really bad T_T

BUT THE MAIN POINT IS, I would have continued the show if i could! And I really wanna thank Gushcloud for inviting me :) For more info on the show, you can visit - http://www.marinabaysands.com/Singapore-Entertainment/Shows/Dirty-Dancing/

Moving on, pictures taken by le bff while we were rushing to Jurong Point

At Jurong point for the presentation, introduction and performance :)
I'm really grateful to have you by my side and supporting me :D Thank you my bff. 

YAYYY!! I won first prize in the gwiyomi contest!!! Just so you know, I was actually invited personally by the jurong point team to participate in this competition. I didn't expect to win it though so being 1st really caught me by surprise @@

Nontheless, I wanna thank those who managed to find out that I was actually participating in it and came down to support me :) LOVE YA ALL!!!

Okay soooo...

After the gwiyomi face off, I rushed down to bedok for my photoshoot with teenage for the Teenage Mission: Gorgeous You magazine photoshoot. I'm wearing blue lenses sponsored by freshkon here :)

Some finishing touches done to fix my hair.
After changing into the photoshoot outfit (not choosen by me lol). Taken with my partner, Arfah :)

It's actually my first time having such thick makeup on. Even my previous photoshoot with sakun didn't require me to actually have my eyebrows done and contouring etc. What do you think? :)

Left the photoshoot venue and I finally headed down to my final destination!! My cousin's wedding (and also my first meal of the day T_T)  Was too tired by the end of everything so I didn't take much photos

Anyway a reminder again (lol), don't forget to vote for me for my Teenage Mission: Gorgeous You~! Help me win the $1k for having gorgeous skin pleaseee. Hahaha

In case you forget, the details on http://www.tylerhikaru.com/2013/06/help-me-pleaseee.html :)

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