Eleanor & Alan's Birthday Celebration

Sighhh time flies.... we're almost halfway through 2013 and so many things has happened to me recently. Not forgetting my health issues and more, but i'll talk about that more in a later post.

I went to celebrate eleanor's birthday during the first week of June. I didn't really manage to party with her due to my busy schedule, but well.... at least I got to spend some time with her during her birthday :D

 Thank you for being an awesome friend throughout these few months!

Anyway I think that we both look like crap thanks to the lighting lol.

A blur photo of TP's poster boy.

Attended another birthday event on the 15th of June. This time, it's Alan's birthday! 

With my friend of 3years, KC :D 

Say hi to eleanor again :D 

 Happy birthday twin kor :D

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  1. You're so cute and I like your hair colour! How old are you?