Mae's 18th Birthday x GC Weekends

Met up with Naomi before heading down to mediacorp for a casting.

We were supposed to catch Hangover 3 but unfortunately, I wasn't able to bring naomi in due to the M18 restrictions. T_T I felt so bad cause I felt like I've wasted her time lol.

So, to make up to her and since we had nothing to do anyway, we headed to Canele to have our lunch. 

Being the active gamer I am, I suggested to spend some time at the arcade before heading down to mediacorp.
We played 2 rounds of the mario cart and naomi won both rounds. She was soooo happy when she got 1st place for both games and I'm happy that I'm actually able to make her smile... LOL. Yes, I lost in purpose :p The things I'll do for my friends...  :D

I drove the rest to Gushcloud for GC WEEKENDS after the casting. This time, it was fully packed with people! The bloggers, vloggers, clients, managers... EVERYONE! They're all there :D It literally feels like some sort of house party  x)

And we headed down to Mae's place afterwards :D 

With mae's super adorable mimi!
The supa gorgeous eunice!

Mae's pug, Popeye!

Took a short break after the photo taking sessions :D Mae brought us for a room tour around the house and I've to be very honest, HER HOUSE WAS REALLY SPACIOUS AND BEAUTIFUL. Soo envious of her brother's room haha
Cake cutting time!!! Happy birthday to you mae!! Stay gorgeous and pretty!!! :) 


This will be the last time I'm actually nagging for you guys to vote for meeeee . Today's the last day (tomorrow 6pm) to be exact and I'm losing behind in terms of votes for all the categories. I would really really appreciate each and every single vote you guys are giving me so please T_T Vote for me!

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