Smurf Village x Quincy Hotel Staycation

Headed down to Salon vim 2 weeks back to get my hair done!!! Did the redken cocktail treatment again!!!

Eleanor was there to accompany me that day :D

If you're looking for someone to do your hair for you, look no further and approach Salon vim! They provide really professional and efficient services for each and every one of their customers; addressing their hair concerns and ensures that you leave the salon happy!!

Don't forget to quote my name to get 10% off your hair services :)

Anyway, we happen to spot the Smurf Village at Bugis Village while we were trying to find our bus to town. We decided to stay around a little longer and take some photos :p

Everyone's queuing up to get a free 4R sized photo!

Got ours done within a few minutes. We even got an extra copy! (total 4 4R sized photos0

Time to write our wishes down~

I look like a ghost with the over exposure lol

Eleanor looks so cute when she's focused X)

My turn!!!

Spot our photo!

Headed to A.venue Bistro at Cine for late lunch afterwards!

Salad with bacon bits :D 

Eleanor's turn :D

( I removed most of your unglam photos already so stop telling others that I'm always uploading your unglam shots :( )

Had the usual white wine vongole. The standard for the pasta has really dropped since the last time I've been here. Told the waiter that I wanted no chilli to be in my pasta but it turns out that my pasta was flooded with em. UGHHHHH

Headed to Quincy hotel for my staycation afterwards

Looking sooooo tired x) 

If you realize... I'm wearing home clothes already lolol

The hotel perks!

Skyline view of the town area

Had their complimentary dinner/breakfast during my stay there

Unfortunately even though the food should be considered " Hotel standards ", the food looks really unappetizing. 



My stay at the Quincy hotel was a terrible one.

Compared to stay I had at Regis a month back, Quincy really has to improve on their customer service and apartments.

The aircon was broken during the night and it took me 3 calls for them to fix it. The room was at a freaking 30 degrees celcius during midnight... HOW TO SLEEP LIKE THAT.

And when they finally fixed it, the aircon was making some monstrous loud sounds throughout the night. Only managed to get some decent sleep at 3am even though I was freaking tireddddd.

SOOO in overall, the stay was a relatively bad one. Regis still tops the chart for the Singapore hotels!! (I LOVE THE FACT THAT THEY HAVE EARL GREY TEA).

The Quincy Hotel by Far East Hospitality

22 Mount Elizabeth, Orchard, Singapore 228517

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