Before I continue with my BKK day 2 post, I wanna urge each and everyone of you to catch Pee Mak!!! It's a thai romance, horror and comedy film based on an adaptation of the famous Mae Nak Phra Khanong legend of thai folklore.

The horror factor is 1/5 but the fun factor is definitely at 4.5/5 !!! Recently I've been bothered by a lot of stuff and have been really unhappy for a while now... TILL I CAUGHT THE MOVIE LAST NIGHT! One of the best laugh I've ever had!
 The funny thing is, even though it's mainly comedy. I almost cried at the end of the movie T_T Can I date someone like Nak? LOL.


Paid a visit to the marketplace near shibuya 19 on the second day of my BKK Trip!
The clothes here are really really cheaaaap! I found a couple of decent tops for only $2 ! Even the fake boy london tops and trendy GEEK/NY/DOPE shirts costs $2 without bargaining. Ughhh, I'm so gonna come back here to get my stocks if i'm ever opening my own online store!

Loitered around the streets near Shibuya19 afterwards while waiting for the famous wanton mee stall to open.

Really yummy honey bbq chicken satay !!!!

Exterior of the famous wanton noodles storee

My mum's fabulous pig nose face :p

Went back to the hotel for a short break afterwards... Spotted the thai version of ronald mac donalds!

Spotted this adorable puppy who has been sleeping outside the hotel's entrance almost everyday.

Took a short break while waiting for the rest to gather at the hotel lobby. Went trigger happy with my camera again :p

 MUM. Y U SO FABULOUS hahaha. 

And our trip to the temples at siam begins ....after 30minutes?

But being the typical singaporean aunties, our mum and my aunts had to get some cheap stuff while we're on our way there LOL.

After some walking distance... we're finally at siam mall !
 The thing about the shopping centres at siam is that most of the brands and labels found there are the more mainstream labels (which can be commonly found at singapore and they're not that cheap). Thus, if you're a person who enjoys cheap trills and awesome clothes at cheap prices, I'll recommend for you to stick to platinum.

Then again... a few photos wouldn't kill since I'm already there :p

" Hey sweetheart, spend the night with me today? " 
 Headed to siam paragon afterwards
My loving parents :x

Took a photo with this mannequin who kinda reminds me of leonardi di caprio :O

 Like i've mentioned, if you're someone who prefer cheap thrills, food and stuff. The shopping centres are definitely one of the place you should avoid. Howeverrrr, since my aunts wanted to do some luxury shopping at siam paragon, we paid a visit to the mall anyway
 AND AS USUAL, the young ones wait while the older ones shop.

The food court at siam paragon is really beautiful though.
The food fairs there reminds me of the ones we have at Ngee ann city. 

Le mum trying out the bird's nest. 
 Mango sticky rice is definitely one of the things you must try when you're in thailand!
 Some green tea frapp wouldn't hurt *wink*

 Le mum spotted a shark and told me to take some photos for her. 


The youngsters (me included) decided to go our seperate ways as our parents weren't keen in exploring siam square. WHICH MEANS MORE FREEDOM LOL.
 They even had a stall dedicated for kpop merchandise available.
 Spent an hour or two exploring siam square before heading back to the hotel. Took a tuktuk !!! It was a really fun and dangerous/thrilling experience :D

 And as usual, we had to wait and wait and wait -_- This time, we had to wait for our cab to pick us up from the hotel, to Chinatown!

 Poor crabs being BBQ-ed while they're still alive.... then again, it looks and sounds really yummy... 
 This is definitely something which dan yun (danisvlogging) won't try. BUT I'LL MAKE HIM TRY WHEN HE'S IN SINGAPORE BWUHAHAHA.

Moving on.

 EEEE the gong gong looks gross lol. 
 Interior of the T&K seafood stall :D 

The bravest, strongest and most fabulous woman of my life <3
Okay maybe not that fabulous after all x) 

It's time for dinner!
 One of the cheapest bird's nest I've ever had. Both in terms of quality and price lol. 

Visited pig village afterwards... Pig . Pig. PIGGY. ARE U READING THIS. HAHAHA

Even the croco's here are so polite :p SAWADEEEE!!


In preparation for my act-tourist shot :p BLOCKED by my younger cousin though LOL

 Got a couple of goodies for the gushers as well :p I hope you guys like it !  

Spotted this couple who's taking their wedding shots on the streets of chinatown
 The night scene of chinatown really reminds me of macau :x So beautiful~

My awesome maid ;D

Took the cab back to platinum afterwards. Everyone went their separate ways to explore the night flea market just outside of platinum.

While everyone's busy shopping, I'm busy playing with ...

 One of my favourite flea vendor. Got 3 bracelets with free carving. Only $2 :D


Supermilk has got to be the best milk I've ever tasted T_T I was extremely disappointed when I went back to the exact same spot on the 3rd day of BKK to get more of it but it WASN'T THERE!

SIGHHH. Till we meet again, my dear super milk...

One of the more interesting things just outside of platinum.

When I'm back at the hotel...

If anyone knows where I can get super milk in Singapore, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME!

Had an awesome full body massage just directly opposite of the hotel. Only SGD $9 per hour.... TO FREAKING CHEAP
 My younger cousin's virgin massage experience. He couldn't stop laughing throughout the entire hour lol -_- 

Ended the night watching Love in siam. Looking really shagged lolol. 

I hope this post didn't bore you guys out!!! Stay tuned for my day 3 BKK post k ! :D


  1. great stroll in siam! by the way, is your maid a filipina? coz she looks like one.

    1. You're comment is so offensive for Filipinos (even though you might be a Filipino). It may sound like every maid is a Filipina because she looks like one. Maybe you haven't notice, Southeast Asian countries may have the same external features.