Today's post will include both BKK Day 3&4 !!
Got to learn some stuff about the prices at platinum. Continue reading on to know more about it :D 

But before that... pictures before we head out for our shopping spree!

I told my mum that the yellow stripes of her shirt looks like octopus legs... Don't you agree?

I like the look of my stare here *_*

Headed to platinum after lunch.
Apparently while my cousins and I were bargaining, we found out that the prices of the items rises as the day goes by. The shop owners told us that that IF the item costs 190baht, they'll price it at 190 (which is the lowest) during the morning, maybe 240baht during the afternoon and 290baht during the evening.

I've no idea why they're pricing their items based on the time but well, at least now you know that the best time to shop at platinum is during the morning!!!

Fooling around with the props at platinum x)

After our 5hour shopping session at platinum (which is definitely not enough), we took the tuktuk to terminal 21 to have our dinner!

 The adults decided to go on a luxury shopping spree again so as usual... we waited.  BUT with my mum and maid this time :D

We decided to have mookata at the Joom Zap Hut (Bar BOQ PLAZA) !!
At first glance, I thought that the guy holding the piece of pork was nicky lolol.

 In overall, I still prefer the mookata in singapore lol (golden mile). I personally don't think that the mookata there was THAT good at all and it was relatively expensive too.

Headed back to platinum after dinner to have our late night street shopping spree again. STILL NO SIGNS OF SUPER MILK T_T

At least there were street dancers to cheer me up lolol.

Hauls from Day 1-3. I spent the most on accessories (as you can see below). The cutesy and floral stuff you see were for the gushers. 

The most expensive purchase i've made in bkk.... THE FREAKING BAGPACK WHICH COSTS ME $38. I went back to the same shop at platinum everyday to see if the guy was willing to sell me the bag at a cheaper price but he was pretty insistent on not giving me any discount. UGHHH, he must be damn happy that I bought it at full price on the very last day. 

K la, I loved the bagpack design a lot so I think that it's pretty much worth it... even though I think that I can get a bagpack with a similar design at Zipia at a much cheaper price lol.

DAY 4 !!! Before checking out and heading to the airport

Had our last seafood feast at bkk near the hotel. 


Back at the airport ):

My mum looks really happy to be flying back.... Y U SO HAPPY. I was damn sad lor

I was whatsapping rachel wong during my stay at BKK and she told me that I must give Krispy Kreme a try.

Happen to see it at the airport before our departure and I bought a dozen of it.

Presenting to you, the sinful delights from Krispy Creme!

And if you're not muslim, the pork burger at mac donalds is something you must really try. 

Last few photos before taking off...

I really enjoyed my trip at BKK and I hope to be back soon!!!

Hopefully I'll get to fly out of singapore before my intern starts ):

IN ANY CASE, I hope you enjoyed my BKK posts :) UGHHHH I've so many blogposts to clear, starting from my usual life posts, Teenage mission gorgeous you finals, Salon vim, quincy hotel staycation and the asia style collection from yesterday!!!

Let's hope I can clear it all before June ends. Keep coming back everyday k!

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