As you guys know, I've went to BKK on the 2-5th of June !!!

I've been wanting to head to BKK for ages!!! Considering the fact that everything's really cheap there (which includes clothes, food and more), BKK's also famous for being land of a thousand smiles! Which gives me much more reason to head there for a holiday :)

I went to Bangkok with my family and relatives from my mother's side!

With le mummy on the car to the airport ;) 

Acting like a superstar with my shades on LOL. 

Air tickets ready and I'm ready to fly. YAYYYY so excited :D

With my aunt and couzzie
Le mum and aunt(s) getting some last minute facial products.
Since my snail cleanser from (best cleanser ever) is finishing. I decided to get myself a Kose powder facial foam from the DFS shop as it's relatively cheaper.

Le maid
Le cousin who's only 29days older than me lol .  I remember back then, we used to fight alot over who should hold the title of being the " older " one. Now, I'm glad that i'm the younger one LOL.
Had our breakfast near the gate before moving off~
Apparently if you're already sick of seeing my photos. I' will have to apologize LOL.

I went trigger happy with my camera on that day to make sure that I'll have ample photos to blog up and insta. We've around a hundred more photos to go... SOOO LEGGO!

Le dad and mum :) 
Some photos taken before the plane takes off

VOOOO  we're flying!
2 hours later... Finally at BKK, the land of a thousand smiles :D :D :D :D :D

We went around the airport in search of an affordable taxi service which could drive the 12 of us (with our luggage) to the hotel. We managed to find one at 1100 baht after... 30mins?
En route to the hotel!

While we were waiting to be checked in, I went trigger happy with the camera again :p

My aunts and mum decided to take over the camera!

Finally checked in YAY!!! Our hotel was really spacious and big :D Talk about comfort!

View from the balcony.

The greyish building opposite of the hotel is actually the famous platinum mall !!! Ahh i'll blog about that in my day 3 post!


Brought my laptop there to finish some work x) I AM AN HARDWORKING BLOGGER!

We headed to a stall just beside our hotel for some late lunch :D
THIS PLATE OF CHICKEN RICE COSTS ONLY $2 SGD. SO FREAKING CHEAP ^#@%^#%^#@. I wouldn't mind having it everyday cause the food in singapore is tooo damn expensive lol.
En route to central world. 
Me, after praying :D 

Loitered around central world for a while but I headed back to Platinum with my cousin as we were bored of the expensive stuff there. We had ... an hour to explore platinum and to keep an EYE out on the things we want.

We had dinner near siam afterwards

(considering the fact that I was completely exhausted the day before thanks to the gwiyomi faceoff/exams/dirty dancing/photoshoot/wedding/etcetc and didn't had much sleep before the flight)

Went to get some stuff (clothes!!!) at the stalls which only opens at night. Look at this super cute " zao cai mao " !!!

Headed back to get some rest afterwards :) I'll be posting up my selling post tmr!! If you're interested in getting my preloved clothing, DO CHECK BACK TMR OKAY!!

BKK Day 2 and 3 will also be up by today. So do check back often :)

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