A casual meetup

Met up with a couple of friends on the 19th of July. We had dinner at Canele while waiting for the princess, Shela to arrive :)

With Wilson
 With Bjorn and Ken
The food we had at Paragon's Canele
  Shela arrived when we were halfway done with our dinner. Took a couple more photos before we heading off to Concorde to have our L4D2 session ;D
 We chilled around some random bar and headed home afterwards!

Photos taken while we were on the way to my car :)
 This girl damn shameless anyhow kiss one hahaha. Still love you though :D
I've been really busy with my FYP and workso forgive me for the lack of quality in my blogposts recently ): I'll work harder into producing more quality ones when I've the time... soooo do wait for it!!!

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