We're already halfway through July but I've yet to blog about any of the things that I've done so far for July LOL. But in any case, I'm glad to say that this will be the last post covering the month of June!!!

I went for a casting at *SCAPE with chev, rachel and audrey that day :)

We had early dinner at 18 chefs before our casting

Rach joined us afterwards

The food at 18 chefs is relatively good!! I like the whole concept of this restaurant too!! Tbh, I believe that everyone deserves a second chance and i'm really glad to see that there are people who are willing to give these former prison inmates another chance at life. 

 While preparing/memorizing our scripts for the casting :D 
The ladies suggested that we take neoprints so I tagged along lolol

 Inside the brightly lighted booth with rach :D 

While the girls were busy decorating the neoprints. I'm busy taking photos of them being busy lolol
 We chilled at old town cafe from 8-11 afterwards!!! 

I didn't expect to stay that long there as I was deaaad tired. But in overall, it was a good sunday spent :) 

Anywayyy, I will be going back to dance soon as there's a dance sch willing to sponsor me dance classes. Sooooo, I hope that i'll be able to do dance covers again too!! I'll update you guys more as the date comes closer. BYEEEE


  1. Heya! There's a neoprint shop at Scape?? I've been trying so hard to find a neoprint shop somewhere but they all seem to have disappeared already, even the one at Orchard Cineleisure! :( Mind sharing which floor it's on? Thanks! :)

  2. Ya there is. New openly. Same floor with play nation and sakae sushi