Drop me a question! (Mini FAQ post)

If you've been following me on my social media platforms, you would have known that I've recently started using http://ask.fm/tylerhikaru again to answer the questions you guys have left me.

It was really really fun answering each and every one of your questions!! There are a few that I really liked which I would like to post up here, on my blog!!!  The rest are just commonly asked questions so I thought it would be good to post it up here too...

Soo here it goes~
(I'll be using the some of the photos I took with the minions, in case any of you get sick of the words and need a break :p) 

Q: I was curious on your views about equal rights whether it be race, sexual preference/orientation, gender or any sort of similar minority status? Thank you for the answer! :D
A: I think that everyone should be given equal rights and should not be discriminated just because they're of the different colour, race, gender or have a different preference. Yes, we may all be different in one way or another but it's these small differences that makes us unique! :D
Q: What's your sexual preference?
A: I'm a pansexual. Therefore,I've no preference. I love someone based on the chemistry and feelings
Q: Are you single? Why are you single?
A: Yes i'm soooo freaking single. Anybody wants to volunteer and help me break this curse of being "single"? Hahahha
Q: What kind of girl would you like to date/ What's your ideal type? (appearance + personality)
A: I like someone who's honest, bubbly and has something special in them which makes me wanna find out more about em. Appearance wise, I've told many many people that I really ADORE and LOVE people who have really cheeky cheeks (like fishball cheeks) so that is one trait I hope my future partner would have!!! x)

Q: Do you consider yourselves good looking?
A: Nope, Never!

Q: Where are you from?
A: Singapore

Q: How tall are you?
A: 174cm (last recorded during august 2012)

Q: What you want to be in the future?
A: I wanna be a successful guy who is able to provide a happy lifestyle for his family and loved ones. OH! I wanna be a guy who's a good role model for my younger peers too :)

Q: What is your idea of a romantic night out with someone that you love? And what would you do to make them feel loved and comfortable?

A: Firstly, I'll drive to that person's house and pick that person up.
I'll start saying some cheesy quotes like " EH, did it hurt not. ". Then they're gonna be like " Huh? "
I'll continue with " When you fell from heaven where the angels belong " .where they'll blush or complain that i'm too cheesy LOL
Then I'll drive us to somewhere nice to eat, BUT ALONG THE WAY (as I drive), I'll hold their hands and give it a peck *MUAMUA* lolol .
After dinner (there are a few variations)
1) We'll stroll by the beach, then i'll splash some dirty sea water at them. Then before we leave, I'll piggyback them by the beach or something (like piggyback the person back to the car).
2) Explore somewhere new, where nobody has been to, together.
3) Lay down on an open grass patch and star gaze / Picnic in an open grass patch
4) Drive high up to the mountains (which is not impossible in singapore) and have the both of us sit on top of the car, start talking about life, daydream, take pics and star gaze again.
5) Watch movies and cuddle together for the whole day yay yay yay.

Then to end the night, I'll drive them home, and give them a big slurpy wet disgusting kiss from me and I'll wait till they're in their rooms before I head home.
A GUY CAN DREAM LA. But this would be my idea of a romantic night out. IT'S SOMETHING I'VE ONLY DID WITH S SO FAR SO IT'S ABIT HAHAHAHA. Anybody wanna volunteer?
As for what i'll do to make them feel love & comfortable.
For this, Tbh, i'll have to make sure that they love me back too. Cause nowadays whenever I start dating someone or whatever, I can't seem to open myself up unless I know that I'll receive the reciprocation I need. I don't want a one sided love ):
SO IF I KNOW THAT THEY LOVE ME TOO. I'll pamper and remind them everyday that I love them till they get sick of me or grow old or die together or something LOLOL.
So yup, hope this answers your question.

Q: Where do you get your hair done?
A: Well if you've been following me on my blog, you would have known that my hair is done by Jaime of Salon Vim!

Would you rather have less work to do, or more work you actually enjoy doing?
A: I
 think it's important to find something that you actually enjoy doing so that you'll not view it as " work " but something to kill time.

FOR EG. I WOULD LIKE TO FIND SOMEONE WHO PAYS ME TO SLEEP. Talent: I can sleep 18 hours a day !!!

How will you react if someone from your school come up to you and kissed you?
I'll be like ....
Then stare at them
And i'll be like " WTF AM I DOING " .
And run away.

Q: Did your Instagram got hack or you usually browse your follower Instagram? Shocked to see you liked my photo. (:
I usually browse their profiles!!! Normally I would leave some likes too!! It feels like I'm saying " HELLO SORRY TO INTERRUPT TYLER WAS HERE "

If you had a gf how will you pamper her?
I will ensure that she never has to suffer. I'll flood her with full of love, give her lots of kisses and hugs, buy her flowers or whatever she likes (affordable) every now and then, prepare lots of surprises, prepare morning breakfast for her, bring her to places we've never been to before, eat lots of awesome food together, travel together, and most importantly, I'll give her something priceless - my heart and soul for her to love. My ears to listen to her problems and happy thoughts. I'll be there for her through thick and thin and  we'll go through hard times together just like best friends. I'll be honest, faithful, give her my devoted love and I'll try my best to never hurt her.

List down the things you will do to your future gf if she shave an upcoming exam the next day

I'll try my best to see if I can help in any possible ways. I'll tapao and deliver food to her place and get her something to relieve her stress. I'll give her hugs and help her relieve her examination tension but I think my presence would be the best gift lor hahaha

How did you met S? / when u still with that s person, wht do u 2 normally do? can share? / How did things between you and S ended? (this question is here due to popular demand)

A: Ermmmm... It all started in the club *starts playing we found love by rihanna*

- we found love in a hopeless place -

Actually we got to know another through our mutual friends first. We started chatting via whatsapp and it just so happens, S wanted to club during CNY Chu Yi (day one). So apparently I decided to go down and club so that I could seee S that day. I remember that we met outside the toilet and started talking for a few hours. Somehow, I think that we had a very good chemistry tgt. I feel very comfortable when I was with S. we even hugged one another that day, drank together and more. I drove S home after that night.

As for the first time we went out... we caught a movie together. Afterwards we had dinner and headed to play DOTA at selegie. We went to the beach and had a heart to heart talk afterwards Drove S home at the end of the day.

OH AND ALSO ON THAT DAY, I prepared a pre-valentines surprise, I placed a bear at my car boot with a pokemon love poem, telling S to be my valentines hahaha.

Second date was... At golden mile for our valentines dinner, after that we went to the lalang field at punggol where we started playing some couple games there while we were hiding from the rain x) biting fruits off one another's mouth, drinking white wine and more.

So on and so forth. It can become a grandmother's story if I actually continue hahaha

For the last part, it was due to it being a long distance thing after S flew overseas. Guess it's due to lost of interest too. Guess I can't keep people interested in me... sigh lolol

Q: How much time you spend to style up yourself? from dress up to hair styling
A: 5-10mins. I don't like spending too much time to dress up. That 5-10mins includes getting my hair done/getting all dressed up. I'll probably another 5 mins to put on my socks and shoes on haha

Q: Which animal would you love to be for a day?
A: I would wanna be a penguin!!! I will then be with the other penguins yayyyy! Penguins are such faithful animals! They'll follow their lover till death do them part , a trait hardly found nowadays ): so yup! I wanna be a penguin and die with someone I love hahaha

Q: Do you love to travel? Where have you been? And which one is your favorite one? .3.
A: Yes I do!!! I've been to Japan, Korea, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and china before!!!

So far I love Japan the best as the air there is so cleaaaaan and the people there are so so so nice!! Not only that, the streets are all very clean and I love the food there too!!
Second in place would be Thailand, the land of a thousand smiles :D
I hope that I'll be able to revisit this places with my partner in the future as I've never travelled with someone I love before!!! Soo yup, fingers crossed!!

Soooo that's all for today :D I hope that alot of you learnt new things from me thanks to this entry hahaha. 

Do leave me more interesting questions on my ask.fm/tylerhikaru !!! I'll answer them on a weekly basis since I do not have much time to do my Q&A videos on youtube. Sooo yup, don't forget k!  



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