KHEA - Kaplan Higher Education Academy

Met up with the pretty pretty Eunice Annabel on the 29th of June :) !
We went around exploring SCAPE* for our SHINE youth campaign and just so happen to see these pretty balloons everywhere!! We went to take a closer look and realize that there were pamphlets filled with details regarding this academy called KHEA !!! Apparently these pamphlets were filled with details for those who're keen in furthering their studies with Kaplan!!!

Eunice and I, posing with our KHEA (Kaplan Higher Education Academy) pamphlet

We also spotted the models from Kaplan distributing the pamphlets!! Decided to take a photo with them as a memory keepsake ><

If you think about it, the way Kaplan held this thing alongside SHINE was pretty cool! It speaks quite a lot about how they're interested in communicating with the youths and that they can pretty cool too (for an institution).
I spent some time reading through the KHEA pamphlet. Basically KHEA (aka Kaplan Higher Education Academy) provides full-time education to students who wish to pursue a variety of diplomas and degrees, ranging in the disciplines of Accounting & Finance, Business & Management, Humanities & Social sciences and Information Technology!!!

If you think about it, everything in this century revolves around our education system and thus, getting a higher and better diploma/degree means that we can stand out from the rest!! In this competitive climate, KHEA recognises the need to condense course syllabus based on the acquired abilities and prior learnings of students therefore for a Poly diploma student, a degree can be earned within a span of 12months - 18months, depending on the approvals from the respective univerisites. MEANING, if we do well, we can even graduate within a year!

KHEA also partners with 6 top universities worldwide to ensure quality education and students at Kaplan receive the same degree parchment as students who study in the overseas university. KHEA, through Kaplan Singapore has also won consecutive public voted awards such as JobsCentral Learnings and Rankings Survey and AsiaOne People's Choice Awards!

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Keen to find out more? Do check out their website to fill yourself in with more details!

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