Mid Year Reflections

I've never did one of these reflections posts before so I thought it would be good to pen down a proper post with an extra doze of word vomit here!!! Since a lot of you are rather interested in my personal life, I think you would all like this post? hahaha

2013 so farrrr, was a heck of a journey. To be honest, I'm not sure if I'm happy with the things I'm going through so far, or if I should feel otherwise.

Regardless, I'm really grateful for those who've been in and out of my life for 2013.


As you guys may have known, I started gymming during my march holidays and has gotten myself a rather decent body during that period of time.
Sad to say, I've stopped gymming for the past two months due to health issues.

Alot of you have been asking me what health issue I've been facing and not to worry!!! It's not something serious like cancer or what, but it's just some joint inflammation thingy I've been facing. Basically it happens every now and then whereby my joints starts to inflame by itself cause a whole lot of pain to my body.

As much as I wanna achieve my ideal body (like lean fit body and not those over-ly muscular types), I can't. I tried gymming once even though my arms was aching during that point of time and my entire hand got swollen (like FAT swollen) afterwards -_-

AFTER 1month+, my parents finally convinced me to visit a doctor. Before that, I was pretty insistent in not going to the doctor because I was afraid that it would be a cancer symptom or something along that line.

My parents brought me to the Tanglin Halt Clinic, where Dr Lily Neo is the DR in charge of the place. According to my parents, she's one of the PAP members. So I suppose she's really good in her field and that's why my parents want me to visit her... MOVING ON

She told me to do a whole body checkup. A week later, I got the blood test and checkup result and apparently it states that I did not have the hepatitis antibodies present in my body (weird huh).

So the only conclusion I had for my inflammation thingy is that I've hepatitis now. Dr Lily Neo told me that I need to take the antibody jab (x3 for a period of 3months) before she could confirm what it is.

Went to do some research on hepatitis-joint pain related problems and this were my findings.
" Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C viruses infect (and affect) the liver. Sometimes these diseases also cause health problems that are “extrahepatic,” which means the problems occur outside the liver in other parts of the body. While not common, joint pain (arthralgia) and inflammation (arthritis) are two such conditions that might occur in people with these viruses. Arthralgia is pain in a joint, which is the point where bones meet each other. Arthritis is inflammation of a joint that will sometimes include swelling, redness and pain.What Are Arthralgia and Arthritis? "

I'm not sure how the heck I got infected with the hepatitis virus but I seriously hope that it'll go away soon because I really really wanna gym. I feel like I'm shrinking everyday in term of size, my hard work (muscles) are all gone now and I feel shitty -_- I used to be rather confident of my body but now I feel like a useless and ugly bamboo.

I'll be back for my second jab on 20th of July. Hopefully the inflammation will leave me ASAP so that I can start gymming again. Also good news for u all la since you can get to see my half naked body. Here are some of them in case you're already missing my abs LOL.

SIGHHHH, Moving on.

Family wise, my parents hasn't been working for 2months as Boon Lay hawker centre has been undergoing some renovation works. Which means that the family's source of income was cut off for the past 2 months. This also means that I was stressing almost everyday over monetary issues and trying to earn more money for myself lol.

Love wise? S is the only person whom I've dated this year. I've not fallen for anybody else and I've been single ever since then. Omgggg so long. Anybody wants to volunteer and enter my life right now? HAHAHA.

But seriously, love is something which makes me wanna kill people at times. Recently I've met a whole lot of PLAYERS who treat people as though they're toys. These people really makes me sick and I feel like chopping off their balls and titties if i could. GRRRR

Other than that, I hope to meet someone decent soon. Like please, seriously? All my other friends (especially blogger friends) are happily attached and I feel so loser-ish as compared to them LOL.

Character development. Inside this area includes things I've did which helps to build my character in a long run. Under these includes all the events, competitions and stuff I've joined in the past.

So far, I think that it was gwiyomi craze that brought me the most attention throughout this 6months. I even won the nationwide gwiyomi faceoff !!! Now, I can tell people that I've won a prize for acting cute, for real. LOL

But to be honest, it's thanks to the gwiyomi that I got to know a whole lot of awesome people and the exposure it gave me was really tremendous! I've to thank each and everyone who helped in sharing the video. I love you, MUAHHHH!

Other than that, I've participated in the Teenage Mission: Gorgeous You, which was a whole load of fun!!! I also got to participate in a whole lot of events, campaigns and castings where I got to know a lot of gorgeous and awesome people. For that, I'm really really grateful.

PR wise, I shall start off with the people whom I'm really grateful to.

My BFF - JESSICA! Thank you for being there for me whenever I needed you. Though we have drifted a whole lot thanks to your intern. I hope that we'll be able to be as close as we used to after your intern. I hate-love you bitch.

Shela - Though we have pretty much drifted after you've returned to indo, I hope that we'll be able to be as close as we used to be once you're back :D LOVE U.

Eleanor - Aiya, there's no words I can use to describe our friendship. LOL, but thank you... really.

(I wanna write more, like for michelle, marc fab, edric and more but I shall stop! Later too lengthy u all complain lol. Don't hate me if you don't see your name T_T )

I think that's all for the friends I've to thank throughout this past 6 months lol. VERY LITTLE HORH. I KNOW ALSO LOL.

But to be honest, I don't have much friends to begin with.

In my drunken state the other day, I was continuously ranting to my friend about how little close friends I have.

I really really regret treating a whole lot of people nicely, especially after knowing how they were taking advantage of me throughout the whole time. It sucks to be nice... really.

But in overall, I'm really grateful to be able to rid a couple of vermins who has bought a whole lot of drama and problems to my life. SO YAY vermin free from now on lolol.

Next up, would be my lovable colleagues/bloggers/friends/managers. The gushcloud family. I LOVE YOU ALL.
Decided to write down a short statement for some of the gushers, so if you happen to read this... YAY FOR YOU! Lol. But seriously I hope that each and everyone of you will be able to see this la.

FIRST UP, the 3 people I'm really really grateful to - Freda, Sheena & Carmen.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to be a part of Gushcloud and the community. I've gained a lot of experiences and friends throughout this past 6 months. I know I'm not the best or most famous blogger but really, I'm really really thankful to you guys for spotting me and even giving me the chance to be part of this awesome family. I may have done a couple of wrong things here and there unintentionally but please do know that it wasn't done out of ill-will. Thank you for managing me..

I hope that I'll be able to have a closer bond with you all as the months go by. Really, thank you :')

Joanna - The first gusher I wanna write about. THANK YOU LAA for the awesome heart to heart session by the beach the other time. I think that we can really click well due to the chemistry between us, I can't believe that we were actually talking about our life stories on that day LOLOL. Many more meetups to come horh, see u on friday hoho.

Naomi - Tbh, since the very first day I met you... i knew that you were special and YOU REALLY ARE!! I've been telling people about how special you are (serious) and how different you are from the other girls. I know that you've been going through a hard time but know that hard times don't last, only strong people do! I believe you can do that, and if you need someone to talk to in the future, don't forget about Santa Ng ;)

Eunice/Asyiha/Lydia - You three are one of the few people I can really talk to and open up to. YOU THREE ARE ALSO THE AWESOMEST hahah. K la, all of the gushers are pretty and awesome in their own way. I really enjoy crapping with you guys over whatsapp. More days to come yeah :)

Audrey - You're like a dajie I never had :p xie xie for treating me really good !!!

As for the rest, I really wanna write about you (chevonne, rachel, shanice, eric, fai and more) but I don't want this post to end up like some grandmother story so I shall end the GC dedications now.

Hmmm let's see, still got what area I've yet to talk about ....

Since the very first day of school, I've been telling people that I'm studying for fun and that opinion of mine has never changed since then. To be honest, the course I'm in now is really not in my field of interest (I love biology). I wanted biomedical science but my O level results wasn't good enough to make me go thru. So I ended up with hotel, events and leisure facilities management throughout these 3years.

Seriously, you can't force and expect me to learn something which I've completely no interest in right? Like housekeeping all these, sibei sian.
In light of what has happened throughout this past 6months. I think that I've changed and has become a much better person. Okay la, maybe not many of you may think this way but seriously, I'll grow to become an even better person.

I also think that I've become much better looking throughout this 6 months LOL. SERIOUS!!! Now, whenever I look back at my old photos, I'll be like " Wtf why did I make myself look like that in the past ".

I hope that I can continue improving my looks as time passes by!!! Not that i'm very ugly la but it's something I wish i can improve on!! See ah, inner beauty + outer beauty = yay!

Maybe having both of it will result me in meeting the right person soon lolol. Then I can stop complaining to my friends that nobody wants me hahaha.

Sooo... other than that, I think i've achieved much throughout these 6months. I've went for many casting, auditions and others throughout this 6months. I've did things I've never did before. I've loved someone (namely S) ways I've never did in the past and i'm really really grateful.

Okay, I shall end this post since I've been typing for the past 2 hours and I'm really really tired T_T

OH and before I forget.

Thank you my dear readers. For supporting me throughout this past 6months. I know I'm not the best, the funniest or the most interesting blogger in Singapore but i'm grateful for everything you guys have given to me so far. Here's a big hug to all of you

I don't know what lies in the future. But I hope that it'll be a good one.


  1. ..uwaah! i hope you will recover soon! i'm really your biggest fan.. i wish all the best!

    1. Thank you so much!!! I really hope that I will recover soon, too!!!