Monsters University x JEM

Went to catch the preview of Monsters University at Marina Square on the 19th of June with Eleanor!

Was in the mood to camwhore that day... I've no idea why too lol. 

Our Monsters University preview tickets :D Each ticket costs $16 - Inclusive of a free 4R photo, popcorn combo, goodie bag and not forgetting the movie's in 3D!

OHAI! I'm a student from Monsters University. RAWR!

Tried our Golden Village's Mac & Cheese for the very first time. It was... not that bad. Look at the amount of bacon bits on the mac ^^

Inside the cinema!

With our 3D glasses!

The movie was a relatively good one! As expected from Pixar, they always deliver awesome cartoons with a strong and meaningful storyline.

After the movie, en route to JEM :D 

This girl last warning, camwhore till so blur!!

The crazy haze that day. Thank god it's mostly gone now :)  I hope non of you got sick because of it!

At JEM's carpark! WOOOO. I remember I was really excited that day... maybe it was because i'm restless due to the lack of sleep I've been having during that period of time. Sighhh

First up, we went to get some pet food for sushi :D Was contemplating between this ... 

and this! They're both so cute!! Had a hard time choosing the best one for sushi. Only $6.90 for a box due to some GSS sale going on!

Headed to the rooftop garden with Eleanor after exploring JEM :)

We braved through haze just to bring you these photos lolol

As a matter of fact, the mall itself was pretty hazy that day. Take a look for yourself!!

It was pretty much overcrowded at JEM so we didn't really did much shopping. I bought 3 nail polishes for eleanor and a toner for myself from thefaceshop though!

Decided to have our dinner at the food court afterwards (the restaurants were all fully packed & crowded!)

Hazy hazy hazy~

Eleanor's curry chicken cutlet at $6.50!

My sea cucumber with pork ribs soup. Bought a set meal with the taugey for... $7.50?

BEING THE PLAYFUL ME, I asked eleanor if I could play with the nail polishes I bought for her earlier :p

Went havoc with it lolol. Look at the results..


Her gorgeous nail after removing the nail polish HAHAHA. I couldn't stop laughing that day x) 
Drove her home and I went home to get some work done afterwards.

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