Quality time with KC

Managed to make time and meet up with Kc on the 9th of July. Before meeting him, I actually paid a trip to the gym as I've decided to work out again (YES, despite all the joint ache/pains). It was hell in the gym... I feel terribly weak and lousy, especially since I've to start all over again ): But oh well, I suppose it's a cycle I would have to go through.

Since I'm talking about this, I suddenly remember that my NAFA is coming soon (omg) and i'm not prepared at all -_- I've a feeling I'm gonna fail my 2.4km run as my stamina has always been like crap lol. Not that my school and work has been helping me at all  ): I've my FYP on hand, presentation slides to prepare and also my resume letter... it's so hard to juggle between all these activities >=(
But moving on lol, I met up with kc, my dearest friend of 3years for a catching up session. I was in the mood to have some tea at TWG so we agreed on having high tea at Ion's TWG :D
 Feels damn shiok to have some quality tea-time with a close friend ;D 
We ordered the French Earl grey tea set which comes at $19 (with 2 muffins) 
To be honest, I'm very anal when it comes to tea and I was really disappointed by the quality of tea we had at TWG that day. The tea was COLD and the crystal sugar didn't even dissolve or melt in our cup of tea so it tasted relatively bad (to me) as it's too cold for my preference. BUT SINCE I LOVE TEA, I'll give them another chance and will be back for tea again lolol (next time must complain and ensure that the tea is at least warm/hot)

Ion Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn
#02-21 Singapore 238801

I suggested for us to spend some time at the arcade afterwards lolol. Guess which machine we were at!
TADAHHH! It's the bishi bashi machine lolol. I enjoy playing bishi bashi but I enjoy looking at the faces of those who're playing bishi bashi even more lolol. Their epic faces when they fail their mission or get a lower score than me lolol.  I IS KING OF BISHI BASHI BWUHAHAHA 
 Went to Thomas Sabo to get my bracelet which was under repair a few months back. Kc decided to get one for himself too :D
 The lovely auntie from Thomas Sabo lol. She's super nice and friendly lor! I'm surprised that she even remembers my face lol.
 KC was contemplating on which charm to get but decided on the tribal charm afterwards. I think the leo charm is really nice leh!!! I'm thinking of getting a scorpio charm myself soon (it's $78 if i'm right).
We headed to the Cathay to have our dinner afterwards :)

While I was waiting for him to finish his cig~

We decided to settle with Popeye as most of the restaurants there were fully packed that day and I'VE NO IDEA WHY. It's a weekday lorr! Why are so many people even coming to the cathay in the first place!

My two piece tenders
 Headed to the LAN shop to kill time afterwards X)
You'll be seeing KC on my next post too lolol. Decided to meet him 2 days later to have our hair done together at Salon Vim! Will blog about that perhaps tmr!!! I'll have to rush my projects out now, BYEE :D

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