Salon Vim: Achieving Luhan's Red Hair

Headed down to SalonVim on the 11th of July to get my hair done!!! I've been sticking with brown for quite some time now and I'm really sick of it lol. So I thought that it would be good to have a change, like try something new or w/e.

I was initially contemplating between dirty red (as shown on Luhan below) and ash grey.
 But I finally decided to go for dirty red as I figured that it would be a good way to say " thank you " to those who've been supporting me lolol (I found out that there's a whole lot of luhan supporters following me so yahhhh, thank you!)
My arm candy for that day :) 
After discussing the details with my hairstylist, Jamie. We went ahead to snip off my damage ends to give me a fresher look. However, I feel that my fringe was too thin thus there's a lot of holes between my fringe when I let it down ): But aiyaaa, I've to learn to bear with it for a while since I'll have new hair growing out everyday.

The dyeing process :D Overall base colour was magenta red/red and brown for my sides!
My head's all wrapped up like a dumpling lol
20minutes later after a relaxing and super shiok hairwash session. 
We went ahead and did the redken colour treatment! You can read more about it here !
The end results!! While I was getting my hair blownnnn :D
WOOOOO i'm really loving the colour hahaha. But i'm loving it even more now cause it has finally faded to the dirty red tone I wanted.

To help maintain the colour of my hair for as long as possible ( also make it super smooth), I got this redken haircare set which costs only $70!! It includes one redken colour control shampoo, conditioner and serum which retails up to $112
I've been using this haircare set since the day I got it and it really helps to make my hair shine and stay healthy despite all the continuously dyeing and bleaching I've done this year :D 
After styling, this is how my hair looks like!! :) 
My friend, Kc got his hair done on that day too! 
Look at him smiling with his new hairstyle :D 

Wanna leave your hair done by professionals who pay tender loving care to your hair?

Quickly get your hair done by Salon vim now as their GSS promotion is ending soon!!! Don't forget to quote my name for 10% off!

After getting our hair done, KC and I went for a shopping session around bugis :) Spotted this poster for free flow gong cha at $11 *_*

Headed to Nihon Mura at Cineleisure to have our dinner afterwards

Yummy salmon mentai!
I'm feeling hungry again after seeing these pictures lolol.
Took some photos for an insta-ad after dinner before heading off to play LAN :D
Cyberdome just refurblished their LAN shop and I'm really loving the comfy sofa seats there :D

Took a whole lot of photos while we were waiting for our game to start
and that's all for that day :D

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