SHINE Youth Festival: #FreeYourYou

Since young, I've always been the underdog. I've always been looked down on. I've always been teased, I've always been bullied. People thought that I wouldn't be able to succeed in anything I do in life, regardless of how much effort I put in and that I would always be a loser.

Guess what! THEY WERE WRONG.

Look where I am now? I'm actually doing pretty well in my life! I believe that each and everyone of us is able to turn the tables around and do well in everything we do, as long as we put in commitment, hard work and passion.

One day, I hope to be a role model for my younger peers and teens alike, to FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU WANT and TO NEVER GIVE UP! This is why, I'll never stop working towards that aspiration, not only for myself but for them!

The theme of this year's SHINE Youth Festival is #FreeYourYou ! It encourages every youth to champion their cause and a greater good - across youth culture, youth sports and youth activism - and to be advocates for youth action and to make a positive difference in their community.

I attended this year's SHINE Youth festival held at *SCAPE with Naomi, Eunice, Ridhwan, Boythunder and Lydia.

Look at the amazing crowd!
It was my first time seeing such a huge crowd at *SCAPE. I knew that it was going to be really crowded, but not THIS CROWDED! Every level was fully packed with people and I'm really happy to know that the youths in Singapore are actually taking a stand and doing something for ourselves.

A banana has been spotted. 

With the Chunlis. The mother and daughter pair looks so ADORABLEEEEEEEEEE

A wolf mascot! 

Then, Mr Lawrence Wong participated in the Cosmo Youth Parade!

It's kinda interesting as almost half of the crowd are actually monsters/anime characters!

Even more performances!

Soulful vocals ~ Ahhh food for my ears :p

And let's not forget, the photos taken by me with the fellow bloggers :)

Naomi !


with Gerald and Ridhwan !!! 

Lydia !!!

So glad that I had these awesome group of friends to join me for this event!!!

Back to the performances! A performance by The Sam Willows!

My bias from The Sam Willows, Narelle Kheng!
 I like her!! She's so cool and composed throughout the entire performance!

I'm really happy to be attending this event and be a part of community, a culture where we are able to express our dreams, causes and passions. Not only that, I had a feast for my eyes thanks to the numerous cosplayers and performers present!

Let's make this even better, together! Be part of this!!! Join me and make a pledge to SHINE!

" Pledge to SHINE is a social, youth-driven initiative that encourages youths to express their commitment to action and showcase their talents. Youths can pen down their individuality, passions, and visions both on-ground and online, and create a showcase of youth’s say.

Underscoring the Festival’s aim of having each and every youth express their inspirations and aspirations, NYC invites all youths to acknowledge their individuality by pledging for a cause, and seeing it through with the #FreeYourYou mantra."

For more details, you can check out their Facebook Page and Website for more information!

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