The Cheap Price Of Friendship

I can't believe how childish can some get despite their old age, pricing their friendship based purely social media platforms. What do I mean?

Today, I found out that this person (let's name him K ^^) has been bitching about me to his friends; telling them my that blog sucks and he hates me blablabla, so on and so forth.

Apparently, we had some common mutual friends and somehow word passed and it came to me!

Note: I used to talk to K quite often in the past and have NEVER EVER done anything against him.

So being me, I took a step forward and confronted this person. I thought it would be easier to clean up this mess by talking things out.

Initially, he apologized for the things he has said and I thought that all of this would pass.

HOWEVER, I found out that he started bitching about me again! Complaining about how I don't follow my friends on instagram, I'm childish blahblahblah, that I only wants fans and not friends.



YES. I do not follow most of my friends on my social media platform but THERE IS A REASON AS TO WHY I'M DOING IT.

(I would really appreciate it if my friends would read this so that I save the hassle of explaining this over and over again). 

Around 2 years back, I started becoming popular because of all the hallyu craze going around and had a crazy amount of fans and etc. I was fine with it as I was loving the love &attention these people were giving me. However, one of them crossed the limits.

One of them, managed to befriend one of my (not so close) friends through twitter, got my number through that friend, and started harassing/pestering me via text messages/whatsapp EVERY FREAKING DAY.

I'm not saying that my fans can't text me and stuff. I've people like xiaoyan and allina talking to me about life, asking me for advice and stuff but THIS FAN WAS REALLY OVERBOARD. She gave me random calls while I was sleeping, texted me about my whereabouts and more. Obviously I didn't want to be mean and tell her off as I know that she meant no ill-will. STILL, the issue was really disturbing my sleeping hours and seriously, can you imagine how annoying it got?

I've ranted about this issue in the past, saying that I wanted to change my number and stuff but in the end, I decided to just ignore that girl and let it be. Months passed by and it died out.

AFTER THAT ISSUE. I made an effort to ensure that the only people i'm following on my social media platforms are those whom i'm REALLY REALLY close to OR my bff, to prevent the same thing from happening.


For those who I've followed, I've told them the whole story and background of why and what happened, and told them never give my contact to random people without my permission. Edric, eleanor, jessica and the rest respect my choice and we still are close friends despite this.


I really don't really see why people have to get upset just because I'm not following them on the different social media platforms when I'm trying to protect my privacy. Yes, I did not tell everyone story about me but still, you can ask. No? But there you are being anal over such lame issues.

Are you gonna de-friend me, hate or even not talk to me because of this? Seriously, how childish can you get?

If you're really my friend to begin with and if it irks you that much that I'm not following you, why not just confront/ask me regarding this issue? Instead of doing this, you went around bitching about me to our mutual friends. WHO'S BEING THE CHILDISH ONE HERE? Pricing your friendship merely based on who's not following who on instagram/twitter etc.

Does bitching about me and doing stuff against me makes you less like a sophomoric person? 

Nope, it doesn't. It just shows who you really are as a person deep down. An ugly, puerile person who's petty and anal over such minor issues. (please leave my life)

So the next time you wanna go around talking bad about other people based on such stuff? Just take look at the mirror first and do some reflection, otherwise..

(and please, I treat all my fans, readers and followers as FRIENDS. I love each and everyone of them ^^ )


  1. This expletive ridden letter only shows your character. I thought it would be beneath you to even make a posting regarding this person, K, as he is a loser obviously. I thought you were a good-natured, peace loving and wonderful person. From your posts and your sarcasm, I think I am ashamed to be your fan and will unfollow you. Thank you for letting me know :)

    1. I think that i'm only taking stance and defending myself. Yes, I would definitely prefer peace but how would you react if your friends were the one who comes up to you, telling you that they hate you etc, merely because you're not following them online?

  2. Your explanation isn't even logical. I can understand your concern about being harassed by random fangirls, but how is that even related to following friends whom you're not close to but are well aware of their existence on Instagram or Twitter. It's not as if they're able to get hold of your contact details (I assume you don't put your hp number on IG and that you're smart enough to use privacy settings on FB). The only reason why you got harassed was because your friend was stupid enough to pass your number without verifying with you first. It's got nothing to do with you following back a friend/acquaintance on IG, FB or Twitter. Seems like you're not very smart after all. Try harder if you want to justify your selfish acts.

    It's obvious that you're only interested in fanning your popularity by showing that you have tonnes of followers, while you're disinterested in every other friends' lives apart from those whom you are very close to, those who are popular (wow big deal), or those whom you have a hidden interest in (eg. someone whom you have the hots for). I think you should stop being so fake and start appreciating people in your social network - people whom have boosted that ego of yours all this while. I'm disappointed that you're in my friends list and despite me taking interest in your life, you have zero interest in mine. What a shame Tyler!

    1. 1)Most of these friends I've mentioned are people whom I'm met in person through physical encounters or thru another mutual friend and HAS my number through physical beings(not through instagram/facebook). Either that or they used to be friends who've drifted apart from me. As you have mentioned, I believe that you understand the logic as to why I'm being harassed. My actions of NOT FOLLOWING them, gives them lesser exposure to these fans and make sure that my circle of friends are protected too.

      2)I don't see how am I fanning my popularity by not following other people. I assume it's clear that you do not know me personally since you're already saying this lol.

      3)I AM interested in the lives of my friends and if you're even a close friend of mine(or even a friend) to begin with, I would have followed you using my private accounts and HAVE interacted with you. So if you know nothing about my private accounts or my personal life, then may I suggest for you to stop coming up with assumptions of the type of person you think I am.

      (Let's not talk about friends here, I'm also interested in the lives of my followers! If you're are even one of them, you would have known that I took time and effort to ensure that I've read through their posts and liked their photos on IG. I have spent around 2hours liking 2000+ photos on IG recently so that I can know more about them. How are you gonna explain my actions here?)

      4)The people I follow on my social media platforms are MOSTLY my colleagues. I do not care if they're popular or not because THEY ARE MY FRIENDS and I believe that this friendship will be on a long term basis because we're all contracted to the same company. Stop trying to cheapen our friendship to make it sound like I'm only following them just because they're popular.

      LASTLY, I do appreciate the people in my social network and I believe that I have been humble in my interest all along. I have never once bragged about my popularity publicly nor online. If you think that I'm being fake, THEN YOU'RE WRONG. I'm being as real as real can be, by being as straightforward as I can in my blog posts. I don't see a need to lie about who I am and who I'm not. If you're really that disappointed that you're in my friends list, you can kindly unfriend me. That's all I've to say.

  3. 어휴, 그 사람이 너무 잔인한다..
    Maybe he's just angry cos he wants your number too xD ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    <3 Kudos from Korea

    1. Hahaha yeah!! Anyway thank you so much for your kind comments :p Thanks for reading and empathizing!

  4. Uhm you wrote "Does bitching about me and doing stuff against me makes you less of a sophomore?"
    Not sure what you mean by this but it looks like you're using the word "sophomore" incorrectly. Sophomore refers to a second year student. Lol.

    1. Thanks for the heads up! I've made corrections to that sentence :)


    1. I suppose empty vessels always make the loudest noise. But well, to each his own. If it makes them happy by hating and me etc, I shall not even bother from now on. Thanks for being understanding :)

  6. Hey cheers! its good that he made things clear. atleast he's not like K bitching arnd ppl's back. ^^

    1. I think that lots of people are getting my message the wrong way. But oh well, if they're unhappy with me making things clear, I can't do anything else already :) I don't have that much time to please everyone around me so yup, just let it be hahha.

      Cheers and thanks for leaving a comment :)

  7. Hey cheers! its good that he made things clear. atleast he's not like K bitching arnd ppl's back. ^^

  8. 1. There's always a price for fame, so do not complain when people talk about you. Do not feel annoyed when you have fans who are dying to know you, because if you've communicated to them properly and sufficiently, all of these problems would have been minimized. Since you love to receive all the attention, and chose to post selcas of yourself on social networks, and achieved attention and popularity in the end, do not whine about others speaking negatively about you; it's all part of the package. Do not mistake the inability to withstand adversity as fighting for your rights. The two are not the same.

    2. Now that you're popular, I guess you definitely wouldn't want to make friends with those who are not good-looking, not popular, ineligible or perhaps just average or mediocre. I guess this is society right? Because if you were friendly enough and regarded your fans as your friends, you'd be kind enough to leave them a simple reply when they complimented/commented you on your photos right? I guess you would have accepted their facebook friendship requests too, I'm sure you can accept another 2500. You know it's hard to deny that you're not being realistic because most of the time you ignored individual fans when they tried to speak to you.

    3. You can easily defend yourself by saying that you've reached out a helping hand to some who needed advises for their life but you know that you are partially doing it out of obligation because if you were really that emotionally invested, you wouldn't have included how fans would talk "to me about life, asking me for advice and stuff" in that controversial blog entry because if you were helping people out of true sincerity, you wouldn't have added it in to self-aggrandize and prove your point that you're not bad to fans and was just *merely* ignoring one.

    4. No matter how politely you try to write, you can't conceal your fucked up elitist tone which suggests you think you are better than everyone else and you wouldn't want anyone to annoy you because you're popular, because this entry is purely based on how annoying it is when others spoke badly about you. You should understand that your popularity will mean nothing if you didn't have fans to admire you.

    5. You wouldn't know how it feels like to be ignored when you had the opportunity to get to know someone, and somehow your love towards that person was just too zealous that you had to be isolated, and allow your adoration to "slowly die out" painfully month after month. Because to that person, you're just an "overboard", "annoying", unimportant creep who's worth a blog entry where you get publicly demoralized, by who? By that person where you've once admired so much.

    1. It's clear that you're seeing this post in a different light so I shall not spend any more time answering each and every point that you've mentioned. I don't think you've realized it but what you've mentioned at point number 2 is really laughable lol.

      In any case, I feel that as long as this post reaches out to MY friends and they understand the rational as to why i'm doing this, my goal for this post is complete. You are entitled to your views and opinions and I respect that :)