The Lone Ranger

I'm yawning non stop as I'm typing this post out *O* Shall go for a nap after I'm done. 

Sooo anyway, I met up with Chev on the 5th of July to catch " The Lone Ranger " together. 
 Wore my expired grey lens out on that day lolol. Please don't try this at home!!! I've thrown it away already
Do you think I look good in grey?

Anyway,The lone ranger was rather meh, not really impressed by the plot as it's rather draggy. However, you cannot-not love Johnny Depp!! He played his role perfectly in the movie!

Joanna, Daryl and Eric joined us afterwards for dinner :) 
While waiting for our tables to be ready at Genki Sushi, we chilled around Cold Stone for an hour or so...

Decided to play around with my camera since the lighting was rather good :D 
 Then I decided to go all itchy fingers and adjust the auto-white balance setting. The photos turned out like this afterwards -_- I look like an alien LOLOL
 Okay we're back to normal :D
 Love this babe so so much :)
 Chev pretending to be shy :p
A wild eric and daryl appeared!
 I couldn't stop laughing throughout the entire outing as Eric is really hilarious!!! He kept making the entire group burst into laughter with his nonsence and jokes. I really like his straightforward and down to earth personality!!!

Finally after an hour plus of waiting, we're seated inside Genki Sushi :D
 Chev's just pretending to be looking at the ipad menu here cause she saw me holding up my camera lol ! Don't think I don't know >:)

OH and for those who don't know, Genki Sushi uses a really cute way of delivering their food to their customers... Guess what it is?
 Tadahh!! Yes they're using "trains" to deliver the food!!! Cute concept right!!

181 Orchard Road, #03-32, Orchard Central 

Accompanied the rest to do some shopping afterwards around town :) 

Okay it's time for a nap! *O* I need to get my FYP done later ugh. 

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