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Voices For Animals (VFA) is a page started by a group of friends dedicated to making animals' voices heard. Though they do not belong to any registered organization, they are actively involved in animal rescue (dogs,cats, rabbits, hamsters and other domesticated pets), stray feeding and re-homing of the animals.They concentrate mainly on rehabilitating and re homing rescued puppy mill dogs. Their mission is to help animals in need, be it feeding the strays or bringing them for sterilization to recuperating rescued animals and finding suitable adopters for them

I happen to came across this facebook page which belongs to my friend, Derrick the other day.

I'm sure that this page is no longer foreign to most of us here as they've been featured in newspapers and praised for their dog rescue missions in the past.
However, I still think that there are many people out there like me, who's rather oblivious of what's going on around the world. I didn't know that there are actually such kind people in the world out there, helping these poor pets in recovering/recuperating and also finding new homes for them.

Other than that, they even have events too!

Their actions are really commendable and i'm seeing derrick in a new light now LOLOL. Main point is...
And I happen to see something which made me cry ...
As quoted by Derrick
" Rest well my babies... You guys are very tired, both of you had been battling hard to stay around.. Despite the pain that you guys are going thru and that selfishness self of me wanting you guys to be around., I guessed that you guys had did your best to be with me, thanks Lola and sparkle.. You guys are love. 
Sadly that sparkle was a recent rescued dog, yet to had a chance to be showcase for adoption to look for her potential home.. It wasn't her luck.. She was then diagnosed with liver failure, and yesterday the vet called n told me that she is not doing ok, hence I was planning to bring her home for a proper settling down at a home environment, she couldn't wait for this to happened, she left before I could bring her home.. That's a guilt.. As for Lola , she was rescued last year, but she has not been well, hence I had kept her with me.. She was battling from cancer, but she lost to it today.. But well, just like Ariel, she is officially adopted by me and was name Ariel Tan, same goes to sparkle, she has now been officially named Sparkle Tan.. For Lola, she has always been a part of the Tan 's family.. Run free my dear Ariel Tan, Sparkle Tan and Lola Tan,. - Derrick Tan  "

Reading this literally broke my heart T_T I hope that they're at a better place now...

I know that this isn't much, but I hope that I would be able to help share the effort that derrick and group of friends has put in into the pet rescue missions and let them be more known for it. This way, I believe it would benefit them as we try to pull everyone in, to help and play a part. Let's help these pets live better.
Sweet little Jac-Jac, who is blind, is still looking for her forever home.
Handicapped, disabled, sick, old or abandoned, they're still lives. They shouldn't be living their life any lesser than those of the other pets. 

LET'S HELP THEM TOGETHER!! :) Here's how you can help!!

1) Raise/contribute $ to VFA for the furries!

I believe that the money contributed will definitely help VFA in providing a better life for the furkids (helps to ease the burden of paying for the food/medical expenses etc). If you're interested, pm them at https://www.facebook.com/VFASIN !!!

2) Be a volunteer

VFA is looking to expand our pool of volunteers to help with the never-ending work for our rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing efforts. If you are an animal lover looking to make a difference in the lives of VFA’s rescued ex-breeding dogs, they'll love to invite you to sign up as a VFA volunteer. 

In order to enable us to keep track of your application, please submit your interest strictly via email only. 

Please email vfavolunteers@gmail.com with your: 
- Name 
- Age 
- Contact number 
- Availability 
- Relevant experience in volunteering or dog handling 

VFA will respond to your email with a Volunteer Form, which you must complete and return via email. Interested parties will be screened and informed if selected. 

Volunteers’ chores will include: 
#1: Kennel and adoption centre cleaning which will include picking up poo, cleaning cages and dog runs
#2: Feeding which will include washing feeding bowls after meal times, cleaning and refilling the water feeding bottles 
#3: Bathing which will include drying and basic grooming including cleaning of eyes and ears 
#4: Playing and socializing with the Furries when they are let out of their runs 

More info at their facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/VFASIN

3) Like i've mentioned previously, make VFA better known! 

If you're unable to spare time to volunteer or you're too young to have any money to donate. The least you can do is let VFA be known!! I believe the exposure will do them good! It helps to raise the awareness and maybe one day a  big multi-corporate company will hear of them and start providing them with pet food every month/allowance!!! YAY

I believe that everyone can play a part as long as they try. Just sharing their page wouldn't kill, right? :p 

Help them, and help these furkids lead a better life :) Every action counts!

In case you forget, their facebook page is

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