GC Weekends: HipHop Swag at SOM!

Last week, I was invited along with the other bloggers from the GC family to celebrate July's GC Weekends at School Of Music . I was really happy to  be able to get to dance again !!! The last time I actually got my dance attire up and shaked my ass off was ... 2years back? (not counting the times I spent dancing in the club lolol). Sooo ya!~ I was really happy :) 

My OOTD for that day :) All hip hop swag yo!
 Picked up xavier before heading down to SOM together!
SOM is Singapore's first ever ALL-IN-ONE Music school! Here, you can learn how to play the drums, sing, learn the guitar, be a DJ or even dance!!! AWESOME RIGHT!! OH! And let's not forget that we're actually learning from Singapore's very own award-winning tv personality/recording artist, Sheikh Haikel!!!
 I took a whole lot of pictures there sooo please bear with me :D

With the new gushie ;D Symone!
The ever gorgeous eunice :D 
 Even on a day where we're suppose to enjoy and relax, our dear asyiha had to spent time blogging. So poor thing right!!! 
 It's thanks to hardworking bloggers like her that makes me feel like I've been a lousy blogger lol. But you can't blame me cause it's my final year and i'm flooded with lotsa assignments and FYP ):

OH WHICH REMINDS ME, in case any of you are actually alert enough to notice that I've no armpit hair. I DO! It's just that I've decided to trim it off so that I can save the people who gym with me, the grotesque sight of my pits LOLOL. Frankly speaking, the guys at my gym are all cleanly shaved lor wtf, like everywhere also no hair one so i cannot lose!!!

Okay enough random talk, here's a few more visuals before the classes starts :p
 After class :)
With Luna
And big thank you to Hafeez Hassan for being a wonderful teacher/choreographer for the day :) I can't wait to head back to SOM to learn more about dance from him! If by any chance you're there to learn dance, do look for him!!!
With Daryl Dage
Naomi. That poor girl had sore eyes that day ): But still gorgeous!
 Ridhwan ... with xavier photo bombing at the back
 Jianhao :D
 If you're interested in any of the classes at SOM. Do visit http://schoolofmusicsg.com/som/  to check out their available classes and timeslot :) See you there!

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