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I'm really happy that I've time to do whatever I want now but my holidays is also countdown to my upcoming internship at the 9th of September ): Meh... i'll just make use of what I have now and try to do as much as I can during this short break. So let's get on with my usual posts (giveaway at the end of this post!)

I met up with Sebastian and KC last Saturday for a catchup session at Plaza Sing :)
Took this ugly down-under angle photo before I drove off 
We dined at Secret Recipe, which was actually one of the quieter restaurants at center of  PS.
My Seafood Penne :) The food tasted really mediocre though, it's like those kind of food where you can easily whoop up from any household kitchen.. In other words, it tasted really ordinary.
 Seb's meatball spaghetti.
 Told Seb to take some photos for me but 9/10 of them turned out to be blur. Grrrr I suppose he's one of those really rare people who doesn't even know how to use a camera haha.. But ohwell, thanks you seb for the help lolol.

We caught Kickass 2 afterwards... It was a splendid movie! Lots of action and blood woohooo, shan't spoil the story for those who've yet to watch lol
 But my favourite has got to be Hit girl :D For she's really sweet looking!! Don't you think so too? I always have a fantasy whereby my dream girl would have long black hair while riding a bike (like...Tifa from FF7). HIT GIRL IS CLOSE ENOUGH THOU LOL
Went to the arcade afterwards to kill some time ;D Taught KC on how to play the KOF/Fighting machine games :D 
 Obviously I'm a good teacher as he managed to get to the boss level within 30mins :D
Full body shot for my OOTD that day
Went to 126 for supper as the pig in me got really hungry x) Drove the both of them home afterwards before picking up my parents at their workplace. 

I've been delaying this giveaway for quite some time now due to my exams but now that it's over, I can quickly get this done and over with :D

Soooo i'm gonna make this giveaway really simple. All you gotta do is just email me at , answering any of this questions
1) Why do you like reading my blog?2) What do you like to see more from my blog?
and that's all :) Remember to leave me your name too!!! I'll be picking the winner on the 30th of August (2 days from now).

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